Friday, December 7, 2012

From Lemons to Book Experiences

Hey, readers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life swooped in an sapped up my time and writer's block didn't help either. -_- I am still working on that dragon drawing by the way too. Just been busy. But anyway...

Happy Holidays! 

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have Merry Christmas! 

Now to the blog post...

So earlier this month and last month I had three consecutive trips across two states and last night I was thinking on what to post about today. On my trips, I had several new experiences some people could take as bad. I thought of what my writing friends and I like to do when we get bad experiences: think of them like book experiences. It's writer optimism I guess. XD 

Here's a few for example:

Book Experience Number 1 - My friend and I were sparring and she accidentally whacked me straight in the face while I was wearing Airsoft glasses and stunned me. For all your writer's reading this the world swims, you feel dizzy and you sit/fall down and the glasses cut my face on my nose and my eyebrow. Despite it making a mark on my face and hurting a little bit, I count it as a good book experience for fist fights in my books. :)

Book Experience Number 2 - So I've never ridden a skateboard and I decided to try it. Well... I went flying and landed on my behind. It hurt, but... I can use that experience how to accurately portray what if would be like having your feet swept out from under you. It feels like your feet go out and next thing you know you're on the ground with your palms scraped and your hindquarters sore and you feel it the next day. :\ But I would not take back the experience. :)

Book Experience Number 3 - Horseback riding. Some of your may already know this experience, but I haven't ridden a horse in a while and on one my trips I did. Four things I took from it: After you're done your butt is freaking sore; while you canter it's really bumpy and squeeze with your knees to stabilize yourself; you can feel the horses breathing with your legs on his/her sides (which feels really cool); and horses are very smart. The one I road took good care of me and knew the way pretty well. I just had to keep him from wandering. :)

When life gives you lemons make them into book experiences! Even the ones that really hurt can be book experiences too. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will post more soon! Keep an eye out for a new character interview with Rouyn and Sybra! Thanks for reading! :)

What are some lemons you could turn into book experiences?