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Being a Writer:
12 Things I've Learned as a Writer I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner
The Book of Encouragement
Do You Lack Passion in Your Writing? A Guest Post by Lauren Claire
Finding and Taming Inspiration Part 1: I Just Can't Come Up With A Good Idea!
Finding and Taming Inspiration Part 2: I just got this new idea now I can't concentrate on my current work in progress!
From Lemons to Book Experiences
Harnessing Pain for Your Writing
How to Be a Proper Brainstorm Buddy
Nine Ways to Meet Writer Friends: A Guest Post by Lauren Claire
What Being an Editor for a Website has Taught Me
What Being a Staff Writer has Taught Me
Why a Writer Should Travel: Quell Your Fears and Embrace Inspiration
Why Reading Regularly is Essential to Being a Good Writer


6 Questions to Ask Yourself if a Point of View is Necessary for Your Novel
9 Non-Character-Related Obstacles to Make Your Characters' Lives Harder with Avatar: The Last Airbender
Antiheroes 101: What is an Antihero and How do you Write a Successful One?
Basing the Protagonist on Yourself: The Pros and Cons
Character Chatting: How to Do It and How it Benefits Your Writing
Five Tips on Writing A Good Main Character
How Drawing Can Help You Write
How to Write a 3D Villain Part 1: How Did a Factor Cause Your Villain to Become a Villain?
How to Write a 3D Villain Part 2: What Event(s) Made Your Character Evil?
How to Write A Good Character Interview
The Psychology of Writing: Villain Motivation and the CANE Model: A Guest Post by Casey Lynn Covel 


Extending Your Novel: How to Make the Story Longer Without Just Adding Fluff
How I Do Betas: Tips on Efficiently Testing Your Book on Willing Test Subjects
How Sentence & Paragraph Structure Can Boost Your Book
How to Handle Critique
Six Tips For Line Editing
Twelve Rookie Writer Mistakes and How to Mend Them
Writing vs. Editing: The Different Mindsets

Elements of Story: 

How to Make Your Fantasy World Feel Real
Tone Down But Don't Water Down
Writing Humor Into Your Story
Write What You Know ... And What You Don't Know


MomoCon and Fans!
7 Ways to Help You Get Back Into Reading


Description: It's Gotta Be Just Right

Short Stories and Flash Fiction:

7 Tips on How to Give Your Shorts Stories the Power of a Tornado, A Guest Post by Cassia Taylor


Inciting Incidents 101
Reeling In Your Reader: A Guest Post by Lauren Claire
Roadmapping Your Tales

Anime: Characters
Anime: Interior Monologue
Assassin's Creed II
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Ever After
The Hunger Games
The Incredibles
Iron Man
The Jungle Book
King's Quest
The Lord of the Rings
My Neighbor Totoro
The Prince of Egypt
Star Trek: Into Darkness 
Stranger Things

How Participating in Other Blogs' Activities Can Drastically Improve Your Blog
Twelve Tips for Writing Blog Posts

Dear Christian Writers ...

Happy Endings: They Do Exist
How Can Characters be Powerful If They're Not Real?
Keep Calm and Don't Stereotype White People
On When Books Are Made Into Movies
Why We Should Still Write Good vs. Evil
Why You Should Read--and Love It!
Keeping Morality in Fiction: Are you sacrificing your role models for character conflict?
Keeping Morality in Fiction: Perfect and Good Characters Aren't Synonymous

Sometimes a writer is researching a character and doesn't know where to start. Sometimes a writer wants to interview someone but they can't find anyone to interview. I aspire to interview people around the world and people with various handicaps to create a massive resource for writers. My dream is to interview someone from every country across the world and as many people with handicaps as I can. If you'd like to volunteer to help with this project please email me at howellvictoriagrace(a)gmail(dot)com. This project isn't possible without interviewees!

North America:
The Dominican Republic (Coming soon!)
Mexico (Coming soon!)
Panama (Coming soon!)
Puerto Rico (Territory, Coming soon!)

South America:
Bolivia (Coming soon!)

Austria (Coming soon!)
France (Coming soon!)
Italy (Coming soon!)
Sweden (Coming soon!)
Ukraine (Coming soon!)
Wales (Coming soon!)

India (Coming soon!)
Indonesia (Coming soon!)
Japan (Coming soon!)
Lebanon (Coming soon!)
The Philippines
South Korea (Coming soon!)
Sri Lanka (Coming soon!)
Taiwan (Territory, Coming soon!)
Turkey (Coming soon!)

South Africa (Coming soon!)

Australia and Oceania:

Attention Deficit Disorder (Coming soon!)
Asperger's (Coming soon!)
Autism (Coming soon!)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Coming soon!)

Broken Bones (Coming soon!)
(Has) These Various Injuries

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