Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hot n' Cold

 Rouyn-Plushie came with me to France
so now he is officially a world traveler. ;)

So you remember that post about me saying I'd be back the following week? Well, obviously that didn't happen. As soon as I got home from France, my mom told me we were going to Miami for a funeral. I'm sorry for the delay, but I've been super busy with the Mission trip to cold France and then the funeral at smoldering Miami. I will try to post another character interview soon.

Anyway, both trips were good. :) They had their ups and downs like any trip, but there were some really fun times. Starting with France...

My mission trip team and I got to spend a lot of time helping the missionaries and one thing we did was distribute brochures for the only protestant church in the area of a town north of Paris called Senlis. In France, most people don't even know a thing about Christianity.

Really cool thing is we ended up reaching over 30,000 people. :) So now 30,000 people have at least heard about Christ. 

On the Paris note I got to go see the Eiffel Tower...

And the Notre Dame...

And on the light of Miami, it was sad about the family member, but on the latter half it was nice spending time with family I hadn't see in a long time and I got to go to the beach briefly, which I didn't think I'd do this year. :) So that was a blessing.

Another thing going on is that I'm doing a writing challenge by Go Teen Writers called 100 for 100. It's basically writing a hundred words for 100 days, which I've managed to do even during the trips. I'm a quarter of the way there now! :D 

I will try to get another character interview out soon, but it's been taking a while to get back into the home pattern after not being home for two weeks. :P By request it will be an interview including Sybra. :) And I will try to get some more artwork out soon. :) Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Thanks for reading. :)

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