Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beautiful People: Bryce 2

I'm participating in the Beautiful People blog link up again! I did it last month and I had a lot of fun so I've decided to do it again also with Bryce since it's a sort of continuing discussion. He's the main characters of my science fiction novel Subsapien Biomech. If you'd like to see Bryce's previous Beautiful People post check it out here. :) If you'd like to participate in this month's link-up yourself check out the host blog Paper Fury. Now onto the questions!

Originally Drawing of Bryce by Yours Truly :)
1) What’s his favorite food? (Bonus: favorite flavor of chocolate!) Bryce's favorite food is probably beef jerky and half and half. He hasn't had that much chocolate in his life so he likes all of it. XD

2) What does he absolutely hate? He hates norms (regular humans), but grens (scientists) and black-jackets (orderlies/guards) especially because of their inhumane treatment of him and his friends.

3) What does he enjoy learning about? In school? He hates school. But he does like learning about cars and other things about the Outside World (the world outside the laboratory he was raised in).

4) Who is the most influential person in his life? The Outside Man. A man who came to him when he was a little kid and told them there was a world outside of the lab. This inspired Bryce and his younger brother's dream to escape.

5) What is his childhood fear? A lot of things. Some of them he still deals with, but especially having his little brother taken away from him and killed. Since his brother is weaker than him, the grens had threatened to take him away if Matt couldn't stay well enough to do what they told him.

6) What is something he has always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? Leaving the labs. Bryce still hasn't accomplished this, but it's what he's driven to do every day.

7) What is something he is impractically afraid of? Can he have more than one? Needles, scalpels, guns, operating rooms, cigarettes are just a few. He's especially afraid of deep water since he almost drowned before.

8) Is he a night owl or morning person? He hasn't really had much of a choice to choose either one since he's been told when to get up and slept whenever he could growing up, but I think he'd probably be a night owl if he had a say.

9) Do he say everything that pops into his head, or leave a lot unsaid? He leaves most things unsaid to the point it's unhealthy. He's a guy of few words.

10) What are their nervous habits? He scratched his claws on things and taps his tail.

And that's a little more about Bryce. If you'd like to know even more about him, he has two character interviews to check out: Character Interview 1 and Character Interview 2. You can check out some pictures of him on my deviantART and his book's Pinterest board. Thanks for reading!

What do you think of Bryce? Have you done Beautiful People? Post links of your BPs!

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  1. Did you do all the drawings?! That's seriously cool! Although I don't think those fears were impractical...deep water is scary. x) Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Yes, I've done all of them. Thank you. :) Heh heh. It was the best I could come up with. No problem. It's fun. :)

  2. Hello Victoria! I'm visiting from the linkup. Oh, and I ever so happy you linked up! I've just read both BP posts, Bryce's 2 interviews, and your synopsis, and I am entirely a fan. I certainly can't wait to read the books! And I'll definitely be following your blog. I may even read all the backposts, or most of them...

    I've only gotten to know Bryce so far. I very much like him a lot. The first interview was entirely awesome. I loved how you had to chase him down and he was just like, "Oh, brother." But he wasn't a total jerk, just disinterested and sincerely thinking it was a waste of time. And how he eats beef jerky and half & half. (Speaking of which, the second interview, where you kept asking him about the fruit, was hilarious... "Finally, words I can understand!" Or something like that.) How he cares so much for his brother. Okay, I'll stop.

    I saw that this book is being beta read!! Well... I was going to beg to please be let beta read it when I realized, I already have more beta reading to do than I should :( So I'll just have to wait. Or speed up my other beta reading, and then ask...


    I can't wait to get to know even more about your book and characters and yourself. Oh, and by the way, I love your banner!

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. Thank you so much, Jessy. ^ ^ Your comment is really encouraging to me. I really appreciate it and the following. I'm so glad you're interested in "Subsapien". I'm working hard at getting it traditionally published.

      Thank you. Bryce is one of my favorite characters from the series. I love his relationship with his brother. It's one of my favorite things about him.

      Heh heh. The book is being reviewed by agents at the time, but I'll definitely keep you in mind. :) Thank you for being willing.

      I have more interviews of other characters of mine in the interview tab below the banner if you're interested in knowing a bit more about them. And thank you about the banner. ^ ^

      Again thank you for commenting!

    2. Yes, yes, I will be looking up more interviews! I've very much enjoyed what I've read so far, and I can't wait to read more.

      Sorry for such a long comment! Guess I got a bit carried away :)

      the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    3. Awesome. I'm glad you like them. ^ ^

      No, you're totally fine. I was happy to read it. :)