Saturday, August 10, 2013

Harnessing Pain for Your Writing

So this week, I decided to get a little serious. This post was put on my heart so I decided to be out with it. This time of year is a time for changes for everyone: school, work, possibly new schools like college or from middle school to high school.

On top of that, we also have the baggage of things that've happened to us over the summer or even over the past few years. That's a lot on a person and lately I've been really weighed down with drama plus looking for work plus a myriad of other problems that have been bogging me down for a while--and I know I'm not the only one out there.

As writers, sometimes it's tough to write with all of that in your head and priorities tugging you this way and that, but I think as writers that we have something special we can do with all this pain we've gone through. We can use it for our characters. All that hurt and stress we're feeling can be applied. What we go through can strengthen and deepen our writing.

The past three years have been tough for me what with moving from the place I'd lived for ten years, changing from a high schooler to a young adult and a bunch of family issues. But since then my writing has gotten better because of those things. Because I can feel more of what my character's feel so I can be in tune with them. Trials can hone you. As a Christian, I've had Jesus with me and though sometimes it feels like He's silent, I know He's beside me.

Through our writing, we can connect to other people feeling the same thing as we do. It's such a comfort knowing you're is not alone. That's one thing I want my writing to do: is to touch and help the people who read it. I believe that writing is what God is saying is my ministry to others. I'm not very good at talking in front of people, but I feel like in writing I can reach out.

So when life gets you down remember you can harness pain for your writing too. It will make it stronger and help you to be a better writer. I hope this post can be encouragement to those who read it.

How have you harnessed pain for your writing? Have you had a bad experience you've used to deepen your characters?

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