Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Update 2013!

Lord of the Rings Mirkwood Elf Costume
Check out more pictures on my Facebookpage! :)
Hey, everybody! :) I decided to do another journal post. I figure it'd be best to keep you all updated on the progress of my books, to share some insight into my journey as a writer and to get some feedback from you all. I'm going to strive to do these quarterly. Maybe more often depending on events.

Update on Writing: Well, this fall has been a doozy. I've finished my rewrite/macro edit of Subsapien Biomech (my YA Sci-Fi) and now I'm on to editing. Editing is very time consuming lol. Then it's off to the beta readers. I'm not taking any more this time, but I'm excited to get feedback from the ones I have. :)

If you're on the beta list (you know who you are ;) ), if you can email me with your address so I have it to send the manuscript, please do so to HowellVictoriaGrace@gmail.com.

Update on Nerdiness: Writing aside, this fall has had some nerdiness thrown in. I attended DragonCon! And it was an amazing experience! I dressed up as a Lord of the Rings Mirkwood elf and had an absolute blast. I love being a nerd!  ^ ^ I also got to meet Graham McTavish aka Dwalin from The Hobbit! I totally fangirled. XD

I also have been watching a lot of anime lately, one of which is Sword Art Online which is now one of my favorite animes ever. So much anime also inspired one of my popular posts What Anime Can Teach Us About Writing. If you like anime or think you may like anime check it out. :)

What I've Learned in My Writer Journey: Several things have stood out.
up post on it, please leave a comment. ^ ^

1.) Editing takes a long time. Note to self: allot more time to do it. I'm trying to get it done in a month. Two would be wiser next time.

2.) I believe critiquing is an essential for being a good writer. Not just being critiqued but critiquing others. Critiquing others is like sharpening your eyes for editing your own work.

I've been critiquing a lot of other people in the past few months and it has definitely payed off and resulted in one of my popular posts Twelve Rookie Writer Mistakes and How to Mend Them. If you're a budding writer, this is a good post for you. :)

3.) Writing really has a bunch to do about your readers and I know some of you may be like, "Well, duh." But I feel like in the recent months, I'm getting that love of readership I kept hearing legend of when starting a blog. I enjoy hearing from all of you. ^ ^

I love all your comments and likes and views and emails. It's so encouraging, and I hope you write you all a great book to reward you for your support. I'm working hard on it. :) I've been going through a rough time personally, and all of your support has really lifted my spirits and blessed me. :) I have a three people I especially want to thank and I think all of them deserve some public showing of gratitude.

Thank you so much, Author Mr. Bryan Davis! ^ ^ For helping promote me and critiquing my work even when it's late at night. ;) And for being an all around inspiration to write and keep writing. :)

Thank you so much, Ruth Blomgren! :D For your awesome art work and your encouraging comments on my Facebook page. ^ ^  Here is an example of some of her stellar artwork. She's done so many now I haven't had time to post them all on my Facebook page. If you want to see more, check out the Fan Art Album!

Ruth Blomgren Fan Art of Matt & Ingrid (Subsapien)

Thank you so much, Cassidy Clayton! :) You've been so supportive and such an awesome friend. ^ ^ And you're the bomb for cosplaying as my characters with your boyfriend! :D I revealed these on my Facebook page, but I'm show to of them to you blog people now. ^ ^ More in the my Fan Art Gallery.

Ty Holm as Bryce from Subsapien

Cassidy Clayton as Pro Jamerson from Subsapien

You guys are awesome. ^ ^

What do you think of the blog? Would you like to see more character interviews, book reviews, journal posts or writing tips? How was your Summer? How's your Fall?

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  1. Great post! I didn't realize how important critiquing was until I started showing my work to others, and reading their writing in return. You're absolutely right--critiquing people's writing truly does help sharpen your eyes and it helps you to realize what works and what doesn't work in stories.

    To answer your question, I like your blog a lot! I'd be interested in seeing more writing tips and book reviews.

    1. Thank you. ^ ^ I'm glad critiquing has benefited you. :)

      I'm glad you enjoy it, and thank you for your feedback. ^ ^

  2. Hi! Ooh, you're nearly done with Biomech then? Yay! So excited! Thank you for putting the pictures up, that's cool. I admit I was surprised to see my name right after Davis's (my favorite author after CSLewis), but thank you. Dwallin! Awesome! I think I'm a little jealous...ok, I'm jealous...But I'm happy for you, that's really cool! I think of all the dwarves, Ori is my favorite, but I know I'd be super excited to see any of them. I'd probably talk too fast to be understood or stumble over my words miserably....

    1. Almost there. I'm doing my best to get it done on time. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

      You're totally welcome. They deserve to be up there. :)

      Cool. I love the dwarves. ^ ^ You never know you may be able to meet one someday. Trust me I spoke really fast and stuttered, but he was nice. ;)

  3. Wow!!! So happy for you! Love your Elf costume! I went as one this year for Halloween, and my friend went as a wizard. Can't wait to hear more!!! :D you are a very inspiring person, do you know? I was motivated to start my own writing blog and absolutely love your writing tips!

    1. Thank you. ^ ^ Awesome! :D What type of elf? ;) Well, thank you. ^ ^= That's so cool that I inspired you to do that! :) It inspires /me/ to keep posting. :) I will definitely continue posting tips. ^ ^

    2. I went as Rimedura, my LOTR OC! ^^ YAY! I also have been watching Shugo Chara....it's so good!

    3. Sweet! :D Also sweet. :D Another good anime is Sword Art Online which I started watching after that post. XP lol If you want me to do a post on anime characters leave a comment on that post. I only need one more. ;)