Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soundtrack Sunday: Vogel Im Kafig (Attack on Titan)

It's Soundtrack Sunday! I found this really amazing track from the Attack on Titan soundtrack. All the tracks from this album are awesome, but the vocals in "Vogel im Kafig" or "Bird in a Cage" is just amazing as is the journey of the song. It starts in this surreal tone then it turns into inspirational then intense and tragic. It's just gorgeous. The lyrics are in German. Below is the google translation of the lyrics. It missed some of the words, but you get the gist of the beauty of the song. If you'd like to listen to more cool tracks, check out my Soundtrack Sundays Playlist!

The inner wealth of the people is 
How to Light 
Stained by color glass 

The angenehmne daily 
like a warm candle light 
The very wide green earth, 
The rich beautiful water, 

The grandiose nature still causes 
their children. 
Hopefully we can do it sometime 
We fixed step. 
Everything living dies one day. 

Whether we are willing to die or not, 
The day will arrive safely. 
Is this the angel of twilight 
Himmerl flew down? 
If as the devil from the Felsenspaite 
Out crawled? 

Tears, anger, compassion, cruelty, 
Peace, chaos, faith, betrayal. 
We are against our fate 
We should not our destiny 

With sadness and decision in the heart 
Let's show the will to go on. 
No one may headstrong of his life 
Be deprived. 

Have you heard this piece before? What do you think of it? Have you seen Attack on Titan?

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