Saturday, August 16, 2014

Questions for Matt!

I'm doing a character interview with Matt next Saturday! I know I've done one with him before, but I want to get questions for him from you guys since you all ask such fantastic ones. They really help grow my characters. And since Matt's brother Bryce has been in the spotlight so much with Beautiful People, his little bro wants more attention. ;) Here is a little bit about him:

Matt is a fifteen year old cheetah grafting or a human grafted with cheetah DNA. He grew up a laboratory called the L.G.R. (Laboratory of Genetic Research) nestled in the middle of mountains in the Dome Web--the place where graftings are created and trained to obey humans.

The foreign DNA has given him superhuman abilities such as superior strength, agility, eye sight, and smell; the capability to run up to fifty-five miles an hour; and a tail and claws. Because of these powers the scientists or grens, as he calls them, have studied him for as long as he can remember and have never let him leave the lab.

Since he was told of the wonderful Outside world by one kind human--or norm--when he was little, he's dreamed of leaving the lab and learning about writing and music and art. One of his closest friends is Ingrid, an owl grafting girl he's had a crush on since they were little. Together they and Matt's brother and only family, Bryce, dream of a better world beyond the cells and chains they're kept in.

His severe asthma and underdeveloped lung has deemed him flawed and deserving of disposal in the eyes of the grens. Bryce has protected Matt from the other graftings and helped him endure asthma attacks to convince the grens he's worth keeping alive. They have been close since they found each other as toddlers and inseparable until Bryce mysteriously disappeared with a group of other graftings a few months ago. Now Matt is determined to escape with Ingrid and find his brother.

A drawing of Matt. ^ ^ Check it out on DeviantART too!
Leave your questions in the comments and he'll answer them next Saturday! Thank you!


  1. Hi Tori! I asked my mother and sister for questions to ask characters in general and they gave me a few, rather broad, questions. 1, from my sister Jessie; 'Why do you act the way you do?' I'd specify this as 'How do you typically act around others and how does it differ than when you're alone.' 2, from my mother; 'What are your morals, beliefs?' 3, mother; 'How/Where did you grow up and how were you raised?' 4, mother; 'What kind of family do you have (or did you have)? Are they kind & supportive or harsh & crushing?' 5, mother's oddest, joking question; 'How'd you get your hair to go like that?' 6, from Jessie; 'What do you like to eat?' and last 7, from me; 'What did you like to play with when you were little? And do you still like to play with it?'

  2. Do you ever use a car, or do you just run?
    Why do you call the scientists 'grens'?
    When the scientists study you, I'm assuming they perform experiments on you? How do you feel about that?

  3. Hey, I have a few more from me...kinda heavy, maybe.
    Matt, what do YOU think of yourself? Do YOU think you are brave, smart and kind? Do you think you're a hero? Do you think you're deserving of the way people treat you (good or bad treatments)? Do you think people should follow you or that you're a good leader?
    What are your opinions on your past? Do you have lots of regrets? Wish you could start over? Or do you wish you could forget everything? Wish someone else had been in your place?
    Do you think you'd be how you are if you never had a brother? How'd your brother influence your strength of character? And do you think you've made him proud?

  4. I just have one.

    If you made it to the Outside, what is the first thing you would do?

  5. What's a moment you're most proud of?
    Would you trade all your memories for freedom?
    With Bryce gone, how do you deal with your asthma attacks?
    Who would you call your best friend?