Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Winter Florida Trip 2020 Report

Oh my gosh, guys. I had the best dang time during this trip. So many dreams became reality at Universal and Disney! It was so awesome!

Day 1/5:

My mom drove me to the airport and it was snowing! My roommate took this from my house!

Thankfully it was not snowing in downtown Atlanta so after a smooth security experience (I love TSA Pre-Check) and a short wait I was on my way to Florida to a balmy 70 F! Cadi picked me up and we went to Chipotle for a late lunch. Yummies!

Then Cadi and I took a walk since the weather was so wonderful and we saw Sandhill Cranes and Osprey! I love birds. <3 and="" eating="" evening="" finished="" pandemic="" playing="" popcorn="" span="" the="" watching="" we="">A Knight's Tale

Day 2/5:

Today was Universal! So we got up super early and headed to the park to meet with my other two friends. I’ve never been to a theme park with a bunch of good friends so I was so excited! The weather was absolutely perfect. I could have my hair and feel completely comfortable. 

We made a beeline for Diagonal Alley. Outside of it was a small area that looked like London with the Knight Bus and a red telephone booth! Then you walk through these brick passages just like the movie and ...


You feel transported to an entirely different world. It all looks exactly like the movies! I was so amazed! AND THE DRAGON EVEN BLOWS FIRE!

Because the line was short we headed to Gringotts first and went on a ride that simulates you riding on the car into the vault and bad guys attack you and we got the front and it was so COOL! Then we went to Olivander’s where I got my wand! Holly with Phoenix feather in case you were curious. Then we ran around the park casting spells! There are sensors all over the park and when you wave your wand a certain way things move! IT WAS SO COOL! 

And then we browsed in some other Diagon shops before eating lunch at The Three Broomsticks! I had my first butterbeer and it was delicious! And for actual food, I had venison and lamb stew and cranachan which is like a jam parfait. So yummy!

Then we went to King’s Cross Station and rode to Hogsmeade on the Hogwarts Express! Squee! And it’s like a ride and it shows Harry Potter things out the window and shadows of characters behind the doors. It’s. So. Cool.

Then we went to Hogwarts and took pictures of the castle cause it’s a friggin’ castle and cast spells and I got pumpkin juice and a chocolate frog from Honeyduke’s. Then Casey and I rode on the forbidden journey ride where you’re on a flying couch. SO FUN. That was my favorite ride of the day. And the waiting area was even fun! You go into the castle and the paintings talk and there are holograms of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore. I love 2020.

Then we rode the train back to the other park and that ride has a whole other story in the window and on the train! Then we ate ice cream and it was such a beautiful few minutes. I sat on stairs in a world of magic eating earl grey lavender and clotted cream ice cream with some of my dearest friends in perfect weather. I felt so much joy. 

And we rode the Men In Black Alien Attack, Spider-Man, and Transformers rides. All fun! My favorite was Transformers. BIG ROBOTS FIGHTING!

By this time it was sunset so we walked to Hogsmeade to see the park at night and it was even more magical.  We even caught an amazing light and fireworks show on the Hogwarts Castle! Pure magic!

Then we ended the night eating at Bubba Gump’s and taking a picture in front of this wave. XD

Day 3/5:

Cadi and I decided to take a rest day between parks. I tried to sleep in but my brain had other ideas and gave me dumb anxiety dreams. X( But after we got up, we went out to Thai food and it was so tasty! I had pineapple fried rice, Thai iced tea, and coconut ice cream!

After lunch, we went to a yummy bubble tea cafe and drank tea while writing for a few hours. I hate peach green tea with boba!! I also managed to get some writing and editing done. After I made a supper of Korean fried rice, the rest of the day was spent chilling and talking and just being good friends.

Day 4/5:

Today was Hollywood Studios and Epcot! Cadi and I got up early again and hit Hollywood Studios first cause Star Wars! We first went on the Star Tours ride where you’re on a ship piloted by C3-P0 and Lando Calrissian and Kylo Ren made an appearance! The line was even so much fun to be in. I mean there was a giant AT-AT in front and R2 inside. What’s not to like?

Then we officially walked onto the planet of Batuu! It was so cool! So many ships and droids and Stormtroopers and characters walking around! We went into lots of shops in the bazaar including an alien pet shop and an antiquities shop with so much cool stuff!

Then we had blue and green milk (cause why not?) before going to the Smuggler’s Run ride where you get to DRIVE THE MILLENNIUM FALCON! Cadi and I were the gunners and it was so much fun!

Then we had lunch in Galaxy’s Edge and I had green curry chicken salad, an oi-oi puff, and moof juice. Go big or go home.

Then we popped into The Toy Box cause Toy Story just to look around before heading to Epcot. BUT we did catch the short Star Wars show on stage so that was cool. Cause Vader.

Then we took the Skyliner over to Epcot. The Skyliner was so fun. It was like flying! Then we arrived in Epcot and took a picture with Mickey!

Then we headed over to France. It was very nostalgic for me and reminded me of my own trip to France. I wanted to get some glacĂ© but France’s power was out due to the nearby construction. I hope they got it back up soon for the castmembers’ sakes. We also managed to catch part of a street show!

Next was Morocco! The architecture was so cool! We stopped and had tea and coffee and these desserts called sellou in the cafe there!

Moving on to Japan! I was ecstatic about this place! As anyone knows who’s read my blog for a while I’m dying to go to Japan so I was going crazy over the Shinto shrine and temple! I even did a pearl oyster choosing ceremony and at long last speak Japanese to someone. I thoroughly impressed the cast member and that made my whole day!

Next was Kenya and China which had some really cool architecture!

After that Norway where I got to try some lefse (potato pancake with cinnamon and butter filling)! It was so good! 

Then came Mexico and Canada! The inside of the pyramid in Mexico is so cool! It looks like you're in Mexico at night during Dia de Muertes! And Canada has totem poles and waterfalls! :D

Over in another building, we rode three rides. One you went on a boat into a greenhouse (I love plants), another it's like you're flying over the world (it even had smellivision!), and then the last one was a Finding Nemo ride! At the end of the Nemo ride, you come to an aquarium. It had dolphins, manatees, stingrays, seahorses, and even a sea turtle! So cool! :D

We ended the night going to England, eating shawarma in Morocco, and finishing A Knight's Tale back at Cadi's house. 

Day 5/5:

The trip home was very smooth, though I was exhausted. My flight was punctual and I had a great conversation with my Lyft driver about Miami.

I made so many wonderful memories and had just a fantastic time with some of my dearest friends. I'll treasure this trip in my heart forever. <3 nbsp="" span="">

Have you been to Florida? Have you been to Universal or Disney? What theme parks do you like? Where's the last place you took a vacation?

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