Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Bettas and Pinterest

Epsilon Shu

So this week I decided to do a sort of random post just to mix things up. ;)

I got a Pinterest months ago because a friend invited me, but I never knew how cool it was until I started pinning. If you don't know what a Pinterest is, it's basically a site where you pin pictures of different things. It's a great tool, especially for writers since I've made boards for my books.

If you have a Pinterest or want a Pinterest check out my Pinterest and if you like what you see follow me. The more followers I get the bigger my writers platform gets. :)

On to the other topic ...

This week I got a betta for an early birthday present since I've been wanting one for a year. I'm going to be twenty next month. Craziness. I digress. His name is Epsilon Shu. "Epsilon" coming from the Greek alphabet (Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon ... ) and Shu coming from my favorite anime, Guilty Crown. If you're into anime, you should totally watch it. It's an awesome show. The character arch is so moving. I digress again ...

After I got him and before I got him, I did some research on bettas and they are a pretty cool type of fish and I learned some pretty cool things about them. If you got a betta, are thinking about a betta or just like to absorb random knowledge like me check out the facts below. :D

Here are five cool facts about bettas:

1.) Betas Hate Small Containers - Many people say that bettas like small tanks. Well ... they don't. They can survive in small bodies of water because of a special organ they have called a labyrinth organ which is similar to a lung as in they can breath straight air. They prefer at least a gallon tank if not bigger. It's sort of like ... as humans, we can live in a tool shed, but we're not happy in a tool shed.

2.) Plants - Bettas like to hide and rest near the surface so plants are a good idea to get your betta. But plastic can rip their fins, so live plants or silk plants are the way to go. I got Epsilon ones from his home country Asia so they'd be compatible with his water temp and so that his tank would be more authentic. Getting a fish plastic plants would be like getting a backyard with plastic trees. You'd feel jipped.

3.) Pellet size - I guess a lot of fish food manufacturers don't actually have fish because sometimes the pellet size for your betta's food is too big. You can tell when a betta spits out its food, so make it easier for your pet and cut the pellets in half with a razor. You wouldn't want to be given a big old steak with no knife. You'd choke ... and die.

Betta Bubble Nest
4.) Bubble nests - Male bettas can make these really cool things called bubble nests. :) They're for their babies if they get them, but they're also just something they do on instinct and they show if your betta is happy. If they don't do it, don't freak out. I heard some don't do it very often, but I was lucky to get a betta that made one for me. :)

5.) Fish Can Be Fun - So this fact I knew for years. You can play with your fish with a laser pointer that can be purchased at a pet store. They'll follow it. I did it with a big tank of fish once. Very fun. It's basically like playing with a cat ... except its under water ... and scaly ...

Well that's all I got. As always, thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more posts! :)

Would you guys like to read some more pet posts?

Update: I obviously had no clue about audience when I wrote this post. XD This is a writing blog not a pet blog. XD

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