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A Book Review of Diviner by Bryan Davis

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For years, tales of DRAGONS from another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters' world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth. Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home. The mysteries unfold As a Starlighter, Koren knows her destiny is to save her fellow human slaves from the dragons' bondage---but by following the orders of the smooth-talking dragon king, Taushin, has she in fact doomed her people and herself? As Koren struggles over her choices, Elyssa discovers a new aspect to her Diviner gifts when her pendant begins to unlock mysteries surrounding the stardrops from the Exodus star. Soon Elyssa, along with Jason and his father, also uncovers new truths behind the dragons' prophecy and learns that Randall has teamed with Magnar and Arxad to wage battle against Taushin's followers. With a major war imminent and talk of a new Starlighter in the air, confusion and uncertainty reign--something Taushin might have planned for all along.

Series: Dragons of Starlight (Book 3)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Zondervan (September 6, 2011)
Page Count: 432

What I liked: I have read the other books of this series years ago, but that was before I started my blog, and I had a very long hiatus from reading for a few years. I don't recommend it. I think reading is very important to do as a writing, but I digress.

As with all of Mr. Davis's books, this one is very creative. The world is very imaginative and the special abilities of some of the characters are very neat. Plus it has dragons. What's not to like about books with dragons?

This book is well written with vivid descriptions and deep point of views and laced with concepts of freedom and sacrifice looked at with some new approaches. The characters are great with a chilling villain and noble protagonists. I especially love Elyssa and Tybalt. I love Elyssa's sacrificial nature and devotion to Jason and her interior struggle with being hard on herself. Tybalt is hilarious. He kept me laughing throughout the whole book. 

What I didn't like: I felt like this dialogue and interior monologue was a little too flowery at times. It's just people don't normally talk that poetic that often. I like it when it's more sparse, or it's more appropriate in a medieval setting, but sometimes it didn't feel quite natural in this setting. But that's more a personal preference.

Content Cautions: There is some gore in this book so watch out if you're squeamish, but it's nothing too bad. It's more of what they talk about than what's shown, but just a warning.

All and all I enjoyed this book and I give it four stars! :)

About the Author: 

Bryan Davis is the author of the following young adult fantasy series: Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Echoes from the Edge, and Dragons of Starlight. He also wrote I Know Why the Angels dance, a contemporary novel for adults.

After laboring as a computer geek for 20 years, Bryan followed a dream to become an author. He began by writing a story to motivate his seven children to gain some excitement about writing, and that story grew into a novel. After spending the next eight years learning the craft and enduring more than 200 rejections from publishers and agents, he broke through with his best-selling series Dragons in our Midst. He is now a full-time author and lives with his wife, Susie, and their children in western Tennessee.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and his website! I also have an interview with him I had on the blog!

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