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A Book Review of The Third Starlighter by Bryan Davis

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Adrian Masters journeys into the wilderness of Starlight, the dragon planet, in search of his brother Frederick who has built a refuge for runaway slaves. Carrying the comatose body of Marcelle and accompanied by two liberated slave girls, Adrian has to find medical help for Marcelle, but the slave master dragons will kill him on sight if he comes out of hiding.
   Adrian hopes to join his brother and devise a plan to rescue other humans enslaved on Starlight. Since he cannot leave Marcelle alone, her nearly lifeless body becomes a physical and emotional anchor, and he is torn between helping her or attempting to rescue the slaves.
   Meanwhile, Marcelle’s spirit travels to their home planet in search of military help. She is able to materialize there in a temporary body that looks corpselike and feels icy cold. Because of her appearance, Governor Orion persecutes her as a sorceress and sentences her to burn at the stake. Yet, she has hope of rescue in three allies—her father; an eccentric former teacher; and the mysterious Starlighter, Cassabrie.
   Filled with excitement, twists and turns, and thought-provoking dilemmas, Third Starlighter will keep readers turning the pages.

Series: Tales of Starlight (Book 2)
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Living Ink Books (October 3, 2011)
Page Count: 464

What I liked: As characteristic of all Mr. Davis's books, this one is imaginative and fraught with beautiful prose. I thought the concept of the starlighters was really neat especially the difference between male and female ones. Their tale-retelling ability is really cool and unique.

My two favorite characters of this book were Marcelle and Regina. Marcelle had many witty lines especially several about men shedding their skirts. Regina was sweet and endearing, and I've always had a heart for characters with disabilities. The fight scenes were very well done too. There were many twists and turns and themes of sacrifice. This book will definitely hook you.

What I didn't like: Maybe it was just me, but I felt like the word "passion" was repeated a lot. For some reason it miffed me slightly. Also I felt like some of the dialogue was a bit too frilly for some of the younger characters.

Content Cautions: Some of the fight scenes had some gore, but not too much so it's disturbing, but I wouldn't recommend it for readers under twelve.

Over all I give the book four stars! :) Thank you, Mr. Davis, for another good book. :)

About the Author: 

Bryan Davis is the author of the following young adult fantasy series: Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Echoes from the Edge, and Dragons of Starlight. He also wrote I Know Why the Angels dance, a contemporary novel for adults.

After laboring as a computer geek for 20 years, Bryan followed a dream to become an author. He began by writing a story to motivate his seven children to gain some excitement about writing, and that story grew into a novel. After spending the next eight years learning the craft and enduring more than 200 rejections from publishers and agents, he broke through with his best-selling series Dragons in our Midst. He is now a full-time author and lives with his wife, Susie, and their children in western Tennessee.

You can find him on FacebookTwitterGoodreads and his website! I also have an interview with him I had on the blog!
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