Friday, March 27, 2015

New Posting Day!

I never thought I'd say this but ... I have too much stuff I want to post for my current schedule therefore I will be also posting on Fridays now too! Fridays will be Fan Friday where I post tags, character interviews, random link-ups and things like that. It will be a really fun day while Saturday will be more reserved for how-tos, book reviews, journal posts, author interviews, guest posts, and the monthly link-up.

The schedule will enact starting next week! Be here next Friday!

Here is the new schedule:

The Schedule:

All posts will go up at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Sunday - Soundtrack Sundays - The day I post a new music score piece.
Tuesday - Tea Tuesday - The day I post a review of teas for your drinking pleasure while writing or reading.
Wednesday - Wonderful Word Wednesday -  The day I post an awesome word for writing.
Friday - Fan Friday - This will include tags, character interviews, random link-ups (by me or other people), and the like. Basically just fun stuff.
1st Saturday of the Month - A Writing post - (link) On this day I'll post about writing tips, rants and other similar topics.
2nd Saturday of the Month - A Blog-Link Up - On this day I'll do link-ups from Paperfury, because I love doing them and they're so helpful. They usually center around books, characters and stuff like that.
3rd Saturday of the Month -  A Book Review - (link) On this day I'll post a review of a book I've read recently.
4th Saturday and 5th Saturday (If the month has one) - Varied -  Journal post (like this one), author interview, a guest post, or a second writing post or book review. Basically these are the two surprise/flexible days.
Note: If an event comes up such as a convention or conference happens near a designated post's Saturday, I'll write the post on that week and scooch the regular post to a different week, and I'll designate to what week each time.

If you liked this post, come back every Saturday for more writing advice, character interviews, book reviews and more! On Sundays I have Soundtrack Sundays where I post a new score piece, Tuesdays are Tea Tuesdays with tea reviews, Wednesdays I have Wonderful Word Wednesdays where I post a new vocabulary word, and Fridays are Fan Fridays where I post tags and other goodies. To help support my dream to be an author follow this blog, like me on Facebook, watch me on deviantART, and follow me on Pinterest and Twitter. If you want to know more about my books check out them out here. Thank you! :)

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