Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tea Tuesday: Passion

I'm not really a coffee person. I prefer tea, and I know a lot of fellow writers love tea, too. But have you ever wanted to break out of the Early Grey or English Breakfast norm and try something new? Well, let me help you find some cool new teas! If you need a little hot and flavorful boost to help you reach your writing goal or you're just a lover of tea or you'd like to try some tea but aren't fond of the stereotypical types, these Tea Tuesday posts are for you.

This weeks tea is ... 

*drum roll*


How I found it: I tried this tea a while back for the first time while being stuck at a bus stop for three hours and I walked down to a nearby hospital that had a Starbucks. I got this tea because it sounded interesting. It was so cold I was clutching a cup filled with this tea for warmth. I really didn't think of the taste too much until later in the day when I became unsure of it. Fast forward until a few months ago, I found the tea again in Walmart and decided to give it a second chance--and I'm not sure if that was the best idea.

The Tea: The tea sounds really enticing with hibiscus, licorice, orange peel, cinnamon, lemon grass, rose hips, and other "tropical flavors." I've tried teas that have included all of these flavors and like them so I though I'd like this. But the hibiscus flavor overwhelmed all the others so I couldn't taste anything else except maybe a hint of rose, but not much. It's like the tea was too busy with too many flavors, making it overly tart. It was definitely a unique flavor (that wouldn't get out of my mouth)--but overly passionate, I think. 

My face trying that tea. 
Serving Recommendations: I steeped this tea for the recommended five minutes and that didn't do any good. I tried adding sugar and cream, but it was like the tea was immune and didn't change its taste now matter how much I added.

How much is it and where can you get it? You can find this tea at the Tazo website or at some Walmarts and coffee shops for varying relatively cheap amounts depending on if you want a box or just one teabag. 

So how good is it? Not very good at all. I ended up pouring it out, washing out my mouth, and switching to another tea. I wanted to like it, but unfortunately I really didn't.

Have you tried this tea? What did you think of it?

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  1. I love how tart this tea is! Sorry you didn't care for it. :)

  2. I tried so hard to like it, but the tea said, "We weren't meant to be, love." lol XD Thank you for commenting!