Friday, September 4, 2015

Questions for Nzelt!

All credit goes to the artist. I'm just using this pic because
it's the only one I can find on the internet that looks like
Nzelt. I altered it slightly to look more like him.

This month's interview is with the villain of Red Hood, Nzelt the Vulture. It is coming up in two weeks and he needs questions! He's been a stingy little bugger and hasn't told me much about himself and I need to know more for his the next books he features in. Let me tell you a little bit about him:

Nzelt the Vulture is of the race of Isamaour, a snow white-skinned people gifted with long life and the ability to convert matter. During his one hundred and fifty years of life, he has dwelled in the northern realm of Isriki, born as the only child to a wealthy Isamaour family. He strives to bring his backward country into the future and save his dying race by any means necessary.

From a young age, Nzelt has always been considered brilliant and charming. His parents gave him everything he wanted and nurtured him in his pursuits--if not spoiled him. He learned skill after skill, taking on new ones after being bored with the last eventually becoming a doctor, warlock, alchemist, inventor, and in time, ruler of all Isriki. As a ruling monarch, he modernized much of his country in just a few decades.

Unfortunately, using his magic so frequently and with such expertise colored his white skin black, the price of his race's power, and sealed his fate of dying because of his abilities. Since then he has declared war against the neighboring kingdom of Silfurlund to obtain a cure only native to that country. Now he uses his werewolf inventions to attack the realm to find the cure or make the Silfurlundians surrender it.

Something Nzelt would wear not how he looks.
Leave your questions in the comments and he'll answer them Friday the 18th! Thank you!

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