Friday, March 1, 2019

Monthly Summary: February 2019

February was a mix of stress and fun between work, drama, and NYC, but I overall consider it a great month!

What I did:

1.) I’ve been working with my agent this month to get Red Hood revised and ready for submission. I’ve gone through one of two rounds of edits and I really like how it’s growing even further. I'm also working on revising my book proposal and I've made it to 34,000 words in Black Hood.

2.) I went to NYC for a week and had so much fun! I did a full report on that last week! Other than that I worked the rest of the month lol.

On the left is my cousin who I stayed with who is also awesome.
3.) I finished Queen's Rising and I really enjoyed it! I also finished War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and started Germ by Robert Liparulo.

4.) I actually did a drawing this month! Yay me. XD This is Aska from Silver Hood

5.) I've finished my Think Christian piece. I'm just waiting for it to go live!

The Geeky Department:

1.) In New York City, I got to see an exhibit all about the art of J.R.R. Tolkien. They didn't allow any pictures but they had a lot of his original artwork like that of the first edition jacket covers of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, his letters from Father Christmas he wrote to his children, and many of the behind the scenes artwork he did for Middle Earth!

2.) I've been playing all of the Kingdom Hearts things! I've finished Kingdom Hearts: Remix, Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories (I watched the YouTube let's play because the gameplay sucks for this game), and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and I'm currently still playing through Kingdom Hearts II. I love all of them so far. I love fighting alongside the Beast. It's just epic.

3.) I got to see Wicked on Broadway! I've been wanting to see this play for years since I've heard so many good things about it, so I'm excited to say I saw and I enjoyed it and now I'm listening to "Defying Gravity" non-stop. XD

4.) When at VR World in NYC, I got to The Great C, which is a virtual reality movie. Apparently, that's a thing. It was really cool to literally be able to look up down and around and see more movie. The plot was a very interesting and unique post-apocalyptic story that also tugged on the feels.

5.) I got to see How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World! I enjoyed it though I feel like I need a second watch to really absorb it.

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I want to finish my Red Hood revisions by the end of the month optimally. Black Hood, well, I'm finishing it as soon as I can. However much my completionist self would hate me, I may switch over to editing Silver Hood because I really want betas to read it.

2.) I have zero plans except working and preparing for Iceland in April.

3.) I'm going to be reading Germ by Robert Liparulo and Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas.

4.) I have some unfinished pieces from this month I'd like to finish this month, but we'll see. Drawing is my bottom priority (besides the dishes) right now, however much I hate it.

5.) I think finally that Think Christian piece will be up lol.

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Overall, I enjoyed February!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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