Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Questions for Benedikt (Silver Hood)!

I've got another character I need to flesh out! I'm fleshing out all the characters since I'm concentrating on my Red Hood series. XD This Benedikt who comes into play in Silver Hood. Here's a bit about him!

Benedikt is a sixteen-year-old halfura, half Isamaour half human, who is another one of Lord Nzelt's wards. Though Benedikt has the ability to shift the matter of almost anything he pleases, he fears his powers because of their deadly cost. He rather not use his abilities, but he feels like he owes it to Nzelt since the man did save him from freezing in the winter after his parents gave him up to an orphanage for being a fifth child--and because his mother had an affair with a human. In the Isriki culture, four is a divine number and a fifth child is said to be very susceptible to demonic possession, so fifth children are either abandoned "for the Divine Siblings to take back" or given to orphanages.

During lessons, he's always the first one to shoot up his hand with the answer to questions and in his free time he's always researching and studying. His ideal day is a trip to the fjords in the summer where he can read books and drink all the birch and moss tea he likes while enjoying the breeze. And his favorite food is fikisupa or fish soup.

Benedikt has a love for science and frequently works with Lord Nzelt on his inventions. Instead of being tasked with errands for Nzelt, he repays him with his scientific prowess. Benedikt particularly loves chemistry and is determined to help Nzelt find a cure for the Isriki condition. 

Leave your questions in the comments or in the form if you'd wish to remain anonymous or if you're having trouble with the comments. Benedikt will answer them next Friday! Thank you! 

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