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Blogger Recognition Award & One Lovely Blog Award!

So I was given this award in November/December, and I've just now have a slot to post it. *pants* Thank you so much, Adriana at Adriana Gabrielle Writes, Rachel Day at Stained Glass Windows, and Kristana Aleman at Words in My Soul, for nominating me. ^ ^ Be sure to check out their blogs. I'm going to do both of these awards in one shot. Okey dokey. *cracks knuckles*

Blogger Recognition Award:

The Rules:
 ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. 
♥ Leave a link to their page. 
♥ Give a brief story about how you started blogging, and share some tips. 
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers 
♥ Notify your nominees by email or comment 

How it all started: I touched on this briefly in another post, but I'll expand it more here. After I joined the Go Teen Writers Facebook group almost three years ago (I can believe it's been that long), I noticed a lot of the other members had their own blogs, and I wanted to start building my author platform. I decided to make a blog, but I had no clue about blogging. I just knew people do it and people read them. That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge.

At first, I only posted about my own characters, because I felt like I wasn't good enough give anyone writing advice, because I wasn't an author so I wasn't qualified. Then I sorta like my blog die. After some time I started realizing, "You know what? Despite not having been published, I do know a thing or two about writing." After I started getting confidence in myself my blog started to blossom. Now I write a wide variety of posts catering to the writing geeky crowd. But it took me a while to gain the level of commitment to blog well. Only last year do I feel like I really started getting good.

Blogging is a journey, and I think it's helped me a lot as a writer and a person. Seeing people comment on my posts and getting emails about how it's helped them encourages me to keep writing both my books and my blog. Plus writing blog posts gives me experience with a different type of writing instead of just novels.

My super sage advice:

1.) Be consistent - That's probably one of the hardest things about blogging, but it's essential. I didn't get hardly any following when I just posted whenever I felt like it. Determine when you think you can consistently blog. Once a month, once a week, multiple times a week on certain days ... Whatever works for you. Posting around the same time is important too, so your readers will know exactly when to expect posts from you. Something that helps with this is setting a schedule. Plan out your posts for the month so you know what you're going to do or even better go ahead and write them all at the same time if you can.

2.) Comment. Comment. Comment. - Reply to every comment on your blog. Readers like interaction, and you may have a good conversation. Comment on other people's blogs. People love comments. It only takes about a minute to write a short one, and that goes a long way. It's a nice gesture to that person and could give them the spark of confidence they need when they see it. You never know. They could check out your blog because you took the time to comment on theirs too. I do that.

3.) Participate in blog activities liiiiike this one - Blog hops, nominations, and link-ups are a great way to interact with other bloggers plus they're fun whether you create your own or do someone else's. You often learn about yourself, learn about your character, or just help others.

4.) Know who you're writing for, and target your posts toward those people - I write for writers and geeks so I target my posts toward them. Keep your posts relative to your determined audience. If I started randomly posting about how to crochet baby bonnets then I will be cheating my audience, because they came to my blog for geeky writing stuff not crochet tips. I made this sort of mistake a while back. ^ ^'

5.) Have confidence that you do have something to say - You're you and be confident in that. What you say matters. Don't think you're inferior to someone else and let that suppress you. Everyone has something to say, you just have to have the guts to put it out there.

The Rules: 
♥ Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. 
♥ List the rules and display the award. 
♥ Add 7 facts about yourself. 
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers. 
♥ Follow on blogger the person who nominated you

1.) I'm adopted, and I know the families of both sides of my birth parents, including my six adorable half siblings.

2.) I have over seventy cousins on my mom's side, because my mom is one of twelve children.

3.) I am a die hard Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar: The Last Airbender, King's Quest, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Marvel fan. "Preciousssss!" "Further up and further in!" "Sparky sparky boom man!" "Be careful, Graham!" "May the odds be ever in your favor!" "Allonzee!" "I understood that reference."

4.) I have a very mischievous white cat named Lessy whom I named after one of my book characters.

5.) I own over twenty different weapons, including broadswords, a bow, various pocket knives, and a pistol.

6.) I'm an INFJ. 

7.) I love seeing movies of my fandoms at midnight/early showings, because I love the energy in the air, going with friends, and being one of the first people ever to see it.

Les Nominees:

Yeah so fifteen people is so not happening, especially since most are probably taken by now. ^ ^' But I'll do five.

1.) Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagination

2.) Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story

3.) Cassia Taylor @ Dimensions of My Universe

4.) Casey Covel @ Meek Geek

5.) Jessi @ Jessi L. Roberts

Well that's it! Thanks again, ladies, for the awards! ^ ^

Have you heard of this tag? Have you done it? Show me yours in the comments!

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