Friday, June 5, 2015

Questions for Faol!

Not exactly how I picture Faol, but this is the closest
blue wolf pic I could find that looks like him.

This month's interview is with Faol from Red Hood, and it is coming up in two weeks, so he needs questions! He is one of the secondary characters from my steampunk fantasy novel. Let me tell you a little about him:

Faol is a werewolf, a beast created by Nzelt, Lord of the Land of Isriki, the leader of the Isamaour, a race of humanoid beings with white skin and transmutation abilities. He has indigo fur, bright yellow eyes, and sits nearly nine feet tall. His type of werewolf is called a Blade-Paw because of his mechanical right leg with razor claws as long as knives. Since his creation, he has been a soldier against the human residents of Silfurlund, but now he has realized the error of his ways and seeks to save the humans from the Isamaour he has served.

He is not proud of his past. As faithful commander under Lord Nzelt, many times has he crossed the border of Isriki and Silfurlund with his pack, raided dozens of villages, and torn apart even more people. Red Hoods would hunt him and his brethren and end their lives by the only way possible: a head or neck strike with a weapon of silver. In turn, he has killed many of them in defense. When he wasn't on a mission, he would patrol the Isriki villages to keep them safe from bears or attacking Silfurlund armies.

Unlike the other werewolves, he never truly enjoyed warring against the neighboring realm and would rather live a life of peace and quiet, catching wild deer when needed and spending time among the more pleasant Isamaour village-folk, especially the children. But as is fated for his race, he is sworn to obey his master.

After being ordered to wipe out an entire Red Hood village down to the last child, he finally reached his breaking point and decided to desert. Now he seeks to offer himself up as a prisoner to the Red Hoods, the women sworn to kill his kind, to give them information to finally end the war. Will he redeem himself or will he be heading to his death? Either way the violence must stop even if that meant he would perish in his efforts.

Leave your questions in the comments and he'll answer them Friday the 19th! Thank you!


  1. Wow, poor Faol! How long was he working for Nzelt? Is he being hunted down by Nzelt now that he's deserted? How does he intend to approach the Red Hoods without getting killed? Does his mechanical leg detach or ever need repair?

  2. Thank you so much for the questions! I'll ask him. ;)

  3. You had me at werewolf.
    What is his biggest regret, and what is his biggest accomplishment?

  4. A fan of werewolves I see. This one is a bit different. ;) Thank you so much for the questions! They'll be featured in the interview!

  5. Does the full moon do anything to you?

    My character Rolf wants to say deserting is a very brave thing to do.

    Thorn (One of my werewolves): I got exiled, so I can understand your situation, even if it's a bit different. Do you have any family? Is it hard, being separated from your pack?