Friday, October 2, 2015

Questions for Sting!

If Logan Lerman wore brown
contacts then he'd be the spitting
image of Sting in this pic.

I haven't done an interview with sting in forever, he hasn't had this type of interview before, a Subsapien character hasn't had an interview in two months, and with it being Halloween this month I thought it appropriate to have a villain interview. Now that my reasoning is out of the way ... This is Sting and he's a villain from my science-fiction series Subsapien. I'm going to write the third book of his series for NaNoWriMo this year! Too long has this book in in my head. So I need questions for him so I can make sure Sting's character is fleshed out. Here is a little about him:

Sting is a seventeen-year-old grafting with platypus, hedgehog, and honeybear DNA. Those may sound like docile animals, but with a hedgehog's spikes for hair, the thick skin of a honeybear, and the venom so painful not even morphine can dull it from a platypus, he makes a skilled assassin and bounty hunter. He has been raised by his masters, the scientists who created him, and he strives to be their loyal lapdog because it is his purpose as a subsapien.

 With being one of the first subsapiens to be grafted with three different types of DNA and also having manic-depressive bipolar, he has become unstable, though his handler Dr. Jeth Albers has found a way to keep him under control. Sting has a proverbial pacifier to calm him down which is a childhood book that plays calming music for him.

Because of his erratic behavior, Sting has few friends. Serra is one of the few other graftings that put up with him. Even though he can be abusive, she is always at his side. Able is assigned in Sting's group to hunt down escaped graftings, but Sting is jealous of him because the scientists show him more attention and Sting will often pick on him. All Sting really wants is to feel loved and needed by the closest people he can call parents.

My drawing of Sting.
Leave your questions in the comments and he'll answer them Friday the 16th! Thank you! 
Update: Since Sting hasn't gotten many questions and Beautiful Books was late this month I'm extending the interview to one week later! His questions will go up on the 23rd!

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