Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tea Tuesday: Shepherd Book

I'm not really a coffee person. I prefer tea, and I know a lot of fellow writers love tea, too. But have you ever wanted to break out of the Early Grey or English Breakfast norm and try something new? Well, let me help you find some cool new teas! If you need a little hot and flavorful boost to help you reach your writing goal or you're just a lover of tea or you'd like to try some tea but aren't fond of the stereotypical types, these Tea Tuesday posts are for you.

This weeks tea is ... 

*drum roll*

Shephard Book 

How I found it: I'm back with another fandom set from Adagio Teas. I decided to mix it up this month and get teas that are from two different fandoms. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I have the last four Firefly Teas from Adagio Teas: Wash, Kaylee, Shepherd Book, and Simon Tam. Then the last tea will be Patched aka the Nick Fury blend from the Avengers set. Don't miss out on the other teas I've reviewed from these sets! FireflySereniteaCaptain MalInaraZoeJayne, and River Tam. Hero's Recovery (the Avengers): ExiledPlayboyStars & StripesMean & GreenDouble Agent, and Sharp Shooter.

This is the same site I bought the Avengers set,Sherlock set, Tolkien set, Avatar: the Last Airbender set,  Doctor Who set, Attack on Titan set, RWBY set, Divergent set, Firefly, and Fruits Basket set from!

The Tea: To be honest I was a bit skeptical about this tea. I am picky with lemongrass so I was dreading I wouldn't like it. I'm happy to report it's quite the opposite! Shepherd Book's tea tastes like a lemon blueberry scone. It's a perfect marriage of the two flavors. The Berry Blues tea reminds me of the good Shepherd's blue clothing he wears. The Rooibos lemon cloud, lemon grass, and lemon balm remind me of his sunny, kind, and wise disposition. The hint of aniseed alludes to his mysterious past. Overall this is a perfect blend for our favorite Firefly preacher. I could definitely see Shepherd Book drinking this tea while reading some of the Word. 

This line made me laugh more than any other in the show.
Serving Recommendations: I steeped this tea for five minutes and added just sugar. 

How much is it and where can you get it? You can find this tea at the Adagio website. I bought this tea in a sample set which was about $22 including shipping and you get a goodly amount of tea since you only need about a teaspoon per cup. Some of these teas you can buy individually for about $10 a pouch or $4 for a sample tin.

So how good is it? This is a great tea! Perfect for a calming night of reading. I highly recommend it! 4 stars!

Have you tried this tea? What did you think of it? Have you seen Firefly?

Bonus! If you are a first-time Adagio customer I can send you a $5 giftcard! Ask in the comments for details! (This is no joke and no catch I seriously can. It's part of the amazingness of Adagio Teas)

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