Friday, October 9, 2015

The Get to Know Me Tag!

I know this is the day I normally put up my Beautiful People post, but unfortunately Paper Fury doesn't have it up yet so you all are getting a tag instead. XD I'll put it up on the 23rd hopefully.

Anyway ...

I've been meaning to do this tag since like April when I saw it on Super Swankified. It looks so fun and now I'm finally getting around to it! Here we go!

Vital Stats -
Name: Victoria Grace Howell
Nicknames: Tori
Birthday: April 6
Place of birth: Burlington, North Carolina
Star sign: Aries. It fits me too.
Occupation: Writer and Freelance Editor

I do a lot this.
Appearance -
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: Long-ish
Eye colour: Blue
Best feature: Uhhhh I'm told I have a nice back?
Braces: Nope. Never had them. Straight teeth.
Piercings: I have my ears pierced. My first hole, my second hole, and a cartilage piercing on my right ear.
Tattoos: Nope. I may or may not get one.
Righty or lefty: LEFTIES FOR THE WIN!

Ces moi, but my hair is up.
Firsts -
First best friend: Eva Hall I think. I met her at church.
Award: Oh gosh ... Probably the first time I won Superior in Piano Festival when I was around eight.
Sport: Fencing.
Real holiday: Easter. I was born right around then.
Concert: I'd been to a lot of piano concerts, but my first actual big stadium one was Celtic Women.

Favourites -
Film: It's a toss up between the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers or the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
TV show: Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Colour: Blue.
Song: Fireflies by Owl City
Restaurant: I really love food so this is hard ... Fast food probably Pollo Tropical. Sit down American dinner food: Panera Bread. Sit down foreign food either Panang's or Les Madelines.
Shop: Hot Topic, Hmart, and Niko Niko.
Book: My current favorite is Singularity by Steven James.
Magazine: I don't read magazines often ... I used to like National Geographic a lot.
Shoes: Boots. Boots. Boots. The higher the better preferably leather.

This line makes me laugh every time.
Feeling: Apprehensive.
Single or taken: Single.
Eating: Pumpkin seeds and cider.
Listening to: Epic soundtrack music.
Thinking about: Writing Red Hood.
Watching: Broadchurch.
Wearing: Jeans and a t-shirt.

Future -
Want children: Probably.
Want to be married: Yep.
Careers in mind: Published author.
Where do you want to live: I like my location, but I wouldn't mind traveling to various foreign countries.

Me in Paris.

Do you believe in...
God: Yes, I'm a Protestant Christian.
Miracles: Mm-hm.
Love at first sight: Sure.
Ghosts: Eh.
Aliens: I think they're possible.
Soul mates: Yep.
Heaven: Uh-huh. Comes with being a Christian.
Hell: This too.
Kissing on the first date: Ick no.
Yourself: Uhhhhh. Kinda?

I Hereby Tag - 

1.) Sarah Letorneau @ Sara Letorneau's Official Website and Blog

2.) +Liz Brooks @ Out of Coffee Out of Mind

3.) Tracey Dyck @ Adventure Awaits

4.) Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith

5.) Jaime @ The Dancing Lawn

Do we have anything in common? What are some of your answers to these questions? Have you done this tag before? Post a link below!

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