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A Book Review of King's War by Jill Williamson

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The remnant of the Five Realms has finally found a home in ErRets. However, peace is much harder to secure, and forces from within and without threaten Trevn's new rule. The Hadar family and their allies prepare to make one final stand in the name of Arman: There shall be war in ErRets and in the Veilto vanquish evil or be ruled by darkness.

Series: The Kinsman Chronicles (Book 3)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Bethany House Pub (June 19, 2018)
Page Count: 659 pages

I can't believe this series has finally come to an end! I've been an advanced reader for it since the beginning and it's been a long journey, but so cool to see the ancestors of the characters in the Blood of Kings series!

The Plot: There are so many plot threads going on in this series and I thought Williamson did a great job at tying them all together in a satisfying way. Each of the POV characters has important roles in the plot in the end. I have no idea how the author juggled so many. There have to be over a hundred name characters in this series. Like the previous books in the series, the plot is very focused around politics and in this book the instability of newly-formed countries, which is very intriguing. I never really thought so far back to countries have to establish affirmed borders and territory for landowners. 

The Characters: Trevn really has some great character growth. It was intriguing to watch him grow from a prince who wanted to be anything on earth but king have to step up into the role in light of his brother and nephews' tragic deaths. I also like his dynamics with Mielle and them having to be royals but also a new married couple. Mielle the servant having to take the role of a queen was an interesting and unique transition. 

Shanek and Grayson have a neat mirror effect. Both have the same abilities but they use them very differently. I really like characters like that. Oli, Jazlyn, Amala and the other POV characters all have satisfying fates. Again, I commend Jill for tackling so many characters.

The Setting: Like I said before it's really interesting for a story to be set in infant countries. I've never read a book like that and it presents a lot of unique plot points.

Epic Things: Trevn and other members of the Hadar bloodline are still figuring out their Arman-given gift, so it's fun to see them learning about all the different things they can do it with it. It was also cool to see prophets brought into battle. That's an ancient custom I don't see very much in fantasy.

The Theme: Responsibility is a big one. Taking responsibility for one's actions and new duties.

Content Cautions: There are a lot of demons involved, including semi-demon possession. There's a mention of a rape, an attempted rape, an off-screen rape, and molestation. A character has thoughts of suicide, a person is burnt alive, there are bloody rituals, and human and animal sacrifice. 

Conclusion: Overall, a satisfying conclusion to an epic journey. Four stars!

About the Author:
Jill Williamson is a chocolate loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms and the award-winning author of several young adult books including the Blood of Kings trilogy, Replication, the Mission League series, and the Safe Lands trilogy. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two children and a whole lot of deer. Visit her online at her blog, where adventure comes to life.
You can find her on her website, FacebookTwitterPinterest and Goodreads.

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