Friday, November 2, 2018

Monthly Summary: October 2018

October is normally one of my favorite months out of the year, but this year it was a bit chaotic. Laptop trouble really setback my NaNoWriMo plans, so I'm hoping to make a few temporary changes for the blog to allow me to participate successfully. 

What I did:

1.) I really wanted to finish Silver Hood before starting on Black Hood for NaNoWriMo but that didn't happen. I've been struggling with a lot of self-doubt and stress and it just really slowed down my progress which is why I'm really nervous about NaNo this year, but I really want to participate. I got a rejection from a publisher just last wek and I keep having this nagging voice telling me, "Do you really want to waste your time writing the third book of a series if no one even wants to publish the first?" So yeah I try to be real with you guys here and that's what I'm feeling at the moment, so I'm trying to let my stubbornness push me through.

On a happier note, I've submitted my application for a partial scholarship for the Iceland Writers Retreat and should hear the results by December 2nd. *crosses fingers* But regardless if I get it I am on track for saving up. I'm over halfway saved and I'm on track to have all of the funds together on time, but the scholarship would really help me take pressure off especially with holiday expenses coming up. 

2.) Like I mentioned before I had a laptop issue and just some family drama that's just been a bear, but on a positive note, I got to go to the Georgia National Fair with one of my friends. We gorged on fair food, watched a hypnotist and magic show (I tried to get hypnotized but I think hypnotism doesn't work with someone with anxiety XD), and we went to this awesome circus with amazing horse tricks and a fire juggler. 

I also dressed up as Katniss for Halloween at work cause it's Halloween and why not?

3.) I finished Empire of Storms and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it ... I also finished Station Eleven which I also have mixed feelings about. XD  And I finished Mortal Engines which I liked for the most part. :)

4.) I didn't do any drawing this month and I'm not sure when I am next. I've just kinda lost confidence in that too. I'm kinda tired of people calling my drawings "cute" instead of "good" so I've just put my efforts into other areas. Maybe I'll get back into during the holidays when I take some time off.

5.) I didn't have any pieces go up this month because the magazine I write for had to close down for Canadian government reasons, which is a bummer. I do have another opportunity with an American webzine called Think Christian though so I'm hoping to have a piece up for that.

The Geeky Department:

1.) I’m continuing to play Breath of the Wild. I’m procrastinating the end by upgrading all of my armor and doing side quests. XD 

2.) I’ve finished the arc for Attack on Titan and I can’t wait until the next one! Winter anime season can’t come soon enough. XD 

3.) I’m having my annual Hunger Games marathon! These movies never get old.

4.) The Sinnoh generation of Pokémon has released in Pokémon GO so I’ve been catching new Pokémon like crazy. I'm not even showing you all the pictures because there'd be too many. XD

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) NaNoWriMo time! I’m going to write like crazy to get Black Hood drafted! I also decided to be a NaNo rebel and finish the Silver Hood draft too!

2.) I’m going to my cousin’s wedding in Kentucky and then there’s of course Thanksgiving.

3.) I’m currently reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare!

4.) We’ll see if I do a drawing. Maybe I’ll get inspired by writing.

5.) Not sure if I’ll have any articles elsewhere up next month. 

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Coming Soon to Wanderer's Pen ...

Life happened and I didn't have time to get as many posts finished in advance as I wanted to so for the rest of the year I'm trimming down my blogging schedule to one post a week to allow for more time for writing, spending time with family, relaxing.

November 3 - A Book Review of Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas - This is my least favorite book of the series and mostly because of content.

November 10 - Writing Lessons from Movies: Princess Mononoke - I just rewatched this movie and it’s just so good it needs a post all about it.

November 17 - A Book Review of King’s War by Jill Williamson - This is a satisfying conclusion to a great series!

November 24 - Why I Love Writing Second Drafts - Many writers love writing first drafts but second drafts are actually my favorite and I want to talk about that in this post!

Overall, I’m happy with the cool weather and I’m looking forward to the holidays!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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