Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Questions for Moira (Red Hood)!

It’s time for another interview and this one is with Mor’s mom! She plays a big roll in the second book Silver Hood so I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing an interview with her sooner! She’ll be in the first book timeline though cause spoilers haha. And again thanks, you guys, for being so interested in my characters and helping me develop them. It’s really encouraging and I hope you can read their stories soon! Here’s a bit about Moira!

Moira is the Supreme Captainess of the Western Red Hood Manor, a position passed to her after her mother the legendary Margo Galbraith retired. She’s Mor’s mother and her husband was Tavish Hier, a soldier who went missing in action about ten years ago. Since then hers and Mor’s relationship has been strained much like Moira’s own relationship with her mother. Moira has been the Supreme Captainess for twelve years and is very respected among her people, if not pressured to be as good of a leader as her mother. She’s been especially close to her good friend since trainee days Bethia Harrower but their relationship has fragmented since Bethia’s mental condition has worsened. Moira has struggled with isolation as she’s pushed those closest to her away as she tries to contain her emotions and handle the strain of her position. 

During the rare times she does get to relax, she enjoys horseback riding in the forest and hunting for pheasants or ptarmigan with her wolfhound. She’s also skilled with axes and pistols like she trained her daughter to be. Though she’s devoted her life to keeping her people safe, she hopes one day to restore her relationship with her daughter but she fears that the wounds are now too deep. 

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