Friday, March 27, 2020

ScribeTunes: Somber

The newest ScribeTunes is here! American and Canadian powers combine in a collaborative project between me and Cassia Schaar to help writers have the best music for their writing. Have you ever spent half an hour or more trying to find the right mood music when you should be writing? Then this project is for you! Every other week we will be releasing playlists on Spotify and Apple Music that are themed for any writing scene you can think of! 

This week we’re releasing a playlist of Somber. This playlist is focused on pieces that are sad but not devastating. Where things aren't horrible but aren't happy either.

Give the playlists a follow because we're adding new tracks as we find them!

We also want to talk a little about why we chose some of these tracks. These and more are included in our ultimate playlist!

My Picks:

"Babyproofing/Bonfire" by Marcus Beltrami (A Quiet Place)
The soundtrack for this movie is just fantastic and so versatile. I highly recommend it! But back to this piece. I love the gentle off-key piano, violins, cello, and the whistling noise. It's simple and soft but carries a heaviness. This is great for deep heart to heart conversations or a sleepless night.

"Cells Divide" by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (Annihilation)
As soon as I listened to this piece in the film, I knew this would be perfect for writing music. I love the squeaking guitar. It's a bit more of a fast-paced somber tune, but it's great for late-night work or walks; scenes where your character is active but not particularly happy. 

"Approaching the End feat. Aeralie Brighton" by Gareth Coker (Ori and the Blind Forest)
Again another phenomenal soundtrack. If you want enchanting and ethereal music this is a go-to. This piece is short and simple with lamenting vocalizing by Aeralie Brighton. It's a piece of short respite and approaching something that requires courage from your characters. 

"The Sixth Station" by Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away)
This is a slow piece with leads in piano and violin. Though in the film this is played as the main characters are traveling on a train across this sea, this is good for staring out the window contemplating on what to do or looking at sullen and sad landscapes on a rainy day or of an oppressed village. 

"You're Not Reaver" by David Newman (Serenity)
Another short and sweet piece. This one with a keening violin. This is another fast-paced somber piece that's good for scenes where your characters are active whether this is a tough conversation or traveling or preparing for a battle.

Apple playlist coming soon!


These playlists are collaborative! We’d love to have your suggestions for new pieces to grow these music archives. We just have a few guidelines: 

  • No lyrics! Scores only.
  • The tones have to stay consistent. No music that starts in one tone but shifts to another. 
  • No jump scares! Nothing messes up writing flow like flinching. 

To thank you for helping grow this tool for writers and get the word out we’re doing a quarterly drawing for a three month Spotify or Apple Music subscription! Suggested tracks that are already in the playlist will not count as entries.

  • New tracks accepted into the playlist earn one entry each.
  • Follow Cassia and me on Instagram, this blog, and Spotify/Apple Music and comment that you did and that will earn you two entries each!
  • Sharing this post with #ScribeTunesMusic on Instagram will earn you three entries!
Leave your suggestions in the comments! And come back on April 10th for the Skirmish playlist! Happy writing!

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