Friday, May 1, 2015

Questions for Dina!

Hey, everyone! I'm doing another character interview two weeks from today and I need questions! This one will be with my secondary character from my steampunk fantasy Red Hood. Here is a little about her.

Dina Muir is a sixteen-year-old Red Hood in training and Mor Galbraith's best friend. She grew up with her mother, father, and sister in the Western Red Hood manor in the country of Silfurlund. Though unlike Mor she does not desire to be a Red Hood, a werewolf huntress, like her mother, but a tailor like her father. However, according to Red Hood tradition, since she has inherited the power of the Silver Sisters, she has no choice but to be a Red Hood for life.

Besides desired career choice, Dina is the opposite of Mor in personality. While Mor is fiery, a bit brash and a tomboy, Dina is tender, kind, and loves anything girly. Mor is top of her class and Dina is very close to the bottom. One of Dina's other loves is her hound Grimmur whom she's had since he was a puppy as is custom for each Red Hood.

Though Dina is skilled with a crossbow, her true talent is with a needle and thread. She loves to sew dresses, hankerchiefs, shirts, anything she can. Whenever she is stressed from strenuous Red Hood training or the scorn from her mother about her hobby, she always works on her newest project. She is fortunate to have her father and Mor to support her dream, but Red Hood laws remain as they always have and Dina condemned to a life as a warrior and to never fulfill her dream to sew dresses for the Queen.

A picture of a dress like Dina would make.
Leave questions in the comments below, and she will answer them the Friday after next!

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  1. How did you and Mor become friends? You sound so opposite, it would seem like an unlikely friendship.

  2. Thank you so much for the question! I will ask her. ;)

  3. Thank you so much for the question. ^ ^ It shall be in the interview!

  4. My question for Dina would be, "How do you feel knowing that you can't pursue your dream to be a seamstress / tailor? Are you OK with doing it as a side hobby?"

  5. Thank you so much for the questions. ^ ^ I shall ask her.