Friday, May 29, 2015

30 Things You Might Not Have Known About Me

One of my blogging friends Adriana Gabrielle did this tag on her blog a couple months or so ago and she made it open to pass on so I'm taking on the baton. It sounds like fun. ^ ^ I've done other facts posts and I'm going to try to see if I can include things I haven't ever said in one of them before. Let's get to it!

1.) I have tried over fifty kinds of tea and counting since I do reviews of them every Tuesday. I LOVE tea.

2.) I have scarily accurate intuition sometimes. While playing hangman with a friend over webcam, I guessed her word in one turn and I'd never heard of the word in my life. I've also sensed that my friends have needed comfort even over IM.

3.) I don't really like sugary things. The only mainstream pastry that I really like are Oreos. Other things I can do without or I can't eat too much of at one time like donuts or cake. I prefer unusual sweets like scones, Russian Tea Cookies, and Crunchie Bars.

4.) On the other hand, I crave salt. I have to have a lot of salt. Chips, crackers, pretzels, extra salt on my food ... I cannot do without it.

5.) I can mimic over twenty accents and voices including Scottish, Blue's Clues, and Italian.

Like this guy's accent.
6.) I am scared of wasps. When I get stung, I react to them more severely than normal as in the limb swells up three times bigger. Whenever anyone is stung by one of those flying buggers in a group it's always me. I was walking down steps with my dad and apparently there was a nest under the stairs. I get stung. I was walking into my fencing class with my mom and apparently there was a wasp nest on the building. I get stung. I sat on a chair under a lean-to with five other people around me and apparently there was a wasp under the chair. I get stung. Do you see a pattern here?!

7.) I'm not a big fan of eggs. I like them fried and in an omelet, but any other way I just don't care for.

8.) Don't like ketchup. I know. It's an abomination in this country.

9.) I really like bugs. I like butterflies, millipedes, rolly-pollies, grasshoppers, daddy-long-legs, praying mantids (that's the plural) and others. As long as it can't bite, pinch, or sting me, it's my friend.

10.) I. Love. Meat. I like beef, chicken, pork, fish, frog, quail, dove, rabbit, deer, turkey, buffalo, and I plan to try more. Steak is my bestest friend.

Well, not my only friend.
11.) As a kid I lived on twelve acres of land and we had creeks with islands we made little play houses on and we named one Mistletoe Island, because it had mistletoe growing from the trees. The plant of love is parasitic. What does that say about love? ;)

12.) I like sharp, pointy, dangerous things. I own three swords and ten or so different knives, including Legolas's knifes, a deer cleaning blade, and a bayonet.

It's a knife in a dragon necklace. Too much epicness to handle right there.
13.) Due to childhood trauma, some cartoons freak me out--including some Facebook stickers--especially the bunny ones.

14.) I've never been vaccinated. Yes, I'm still living. No, I'm not riddled with disease.

15.) I really like classic PC games. King's Quest, Conquest of the Longbow, Spelling Blizzard, Croc, and Space Quest were my childhood. If you know any of those games, then you are an amazing person.

This is Croc.
16 .) I can't do rotten food. It grosses me out. I can tolerate vomit and spiders and stuff like that, but I cannot do some furry, nasty veggies.

17.) I used to Swing Dance in 4-H.

18.) My favorite Studio Ghibli film is The Secret World of Arietty. I flipped out when I found an Arietty cosplayer at MomoCon last year.

Me and the Arietty cosplayer.
19.) Some of my favorite video games are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed II, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

20.) My favorite Disney animated movie is Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my kindred spirit and the Beast is awesome.

See? We think the same way.
21.) My uncle used to call me Petunia as a little kid. No idea why.

22.) I love the smell of leather.

23.) I'm allergic to Pachouli which is a semi-popular candle scent. Keep that stuff away from me.

24.) Reptiles and amphibians are my friends. I like snakes, lizards, frogs and such. Like with the bugs as long as they don't bite or try to kill me, I'm buds with them.

25.) I have trinkets from different films I like including the Evenstar, the Key to Erebor, and the Mockingjay Pin.

My Erebor key.  ^ ^
26.) I like a lot of musicals and I've been to a lot of plays. Some of my favorites include: Cats, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Sound of Music, and Into the Woods.

27.) Owls are my favorite bird.

28.) I have a friend who was in the TV show King of the Nerds and she mentioned me on TV during an interview at the premiere.

My friend Kelsey. ^ ^
29.) I cut my thumb open on my eighteenth birthday while playing with those Legolas knives I mentioned earlier and I didn't realize I did it until I got blood on my presents as I was putting them away. That got graphic ...

30.) I was driving to the beach with a friend and a flying turkey smashed into our windshield in time with a Taylor Swift song. True story.

Turkey + Windshield = This

Well, that's thirty things about me. I hope they were somewhat interesting. Now what in the world am I going to write in any other fact tags I decide to do lol. Thanks for reading!

What are some random facts about you?

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  1. LOL, this was immensely entertaining! I wish I could mimic more voices/accents...unfortunately, my British, Irish, and even pirate-y voice all kind of blend together. XD
    Number 11--that's so neat! I'd love to have a gigantic property with creeks and islands and stuff. So much opportunity for adventure.
    THAT DRAGON NECKLACE/KNIFE. GIVE IT TO ME. Okay, no, it's yours. XD But where did you find that?? It's awesome!
    *snatches key to Erebor* (You have the best trinkets.)
    Wow to that last one... o.o Scary turkey.
    Anyway, these were great! Loved the variety! :D

  2. I'm so glad you liked it!
    Haha it takes lots of practice to keep them all separate.
    Hee hee! I got the knife at Medieval Times! I fell in love with it at first sight. It was $20 which is relatively cheap.
    Yeah that turkey ... I'm still in denial that happened lol. XD Have you ever heard of a turkey of all things wrecking a car lol?
    Thank you so much! And thank you for commenting!

  3. Wow, you get to play with a lot more sharp things than me. It sounds like you get to enjoy a lot of outdoorsy living! How fun. :) Also, Joseph, Sound of Music, and Into the Woods are all FANTABULOUS musicals, although forgive me if Les Mis is still higher up on my list. I... don't like animals or bugs as much as you, but I do like books. And vaccinations. I know that's a controversial thing. But I still like them. Also, if you ever decide to share a video of yourself Blue's Cluesing, you will have to share it because I don't think anybody could pass up that kind of opportunity.

  4. This post was awesome to read!! :D

  5. Thank you so much! XD And thanks for commenting! Also do you have Blog Lovin? I know you blog and I want to read more of your posts and with Blog Lovin is really easy for me to keep track of a bunch of blogs.

  6. Lol. I like it as much as I can since I've moved to the city I've become more indoorsy unfortunately, but I love the outdoors when they don't try to kill me like sun, poison ivy, and wasps. ;)
    Sweet another musical buff! Yeah I have a lot of friends that love Les Mis. I like it a lot too. I've recently seen my cousin play in Carrie. Have you seen that one?
    Lol. XD I've considered doing a video where I do all the accents and voices I can do.
    Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. I do have Bloglovin' I love Bloglovin' too!! That is how I follow your blog! Yes, here are links to my two blogs you can follow whichever or both if you like! :)

  8. I hate wasps, too!! I've never been stung by one, but I'm petrified if one is buzzing around me. And some springs I've had trouble with wasps getting into my condo via the bathroom vent. :S Not this spring, though, and thank goodness.

    And I want a Key to Erebor. I'm jealous. Very jealous. ;)

    Thanks for sharing these, Tori!

  9. Oh dear! Be glad you haven't been lol!

    Hee hee. Hot Topic. ;) Do you have that store in Canada?

    You're welcome! Thank /you/ for commenting!

  10. Oooh!! Maybe I'll have to stop into Hot Topic at some point then. Not that I really need a Key to Erebor, but....

    And I live in Massachusetts (USA). ;)

  11. Hot Topic is an amazing store. Have you ever been?

    Oh blast. Sorry. ^ ^' It's Tracey who is Canadian. I got confused. Late night when I commented that. XD