Sunday, May 17, 2015

Soundtrack Sunday: Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto)

It's Soundtrack Sunday again! The day where I post awesome music to write to or just listen to for pleasure if you're a fellow soundtrack junkie. Along with my superhero kick of late the latest of season of Naruto Shippuden is coming out ... oh ... so ... slowly. I love this show so much and I love the score almost even more. It has so much power to it. 

This is one of my favorite pieces from Naruto. It is so touching and a beautiful mix of both Western and traditional Eastern instruments in this beautiful harmony with this heartbreaking piano section near the end. Perfect for writing one of those heart to heart moments in your novel. You can listen to more epic music in my Soundtrack Sundays YouTube playlist.

Have you heard this piece before? What do you think of it? Have you seen or read Naruto?

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  1. Very sad music! :( lol :P I'd love to hear more of your favorite anime tracks! I have a ton of fun highlighting anime osts on my anime blog myself. I think people write off anime music just because it's linked with 'weird anime' but in reality the music is just like any other ost! I hate that some writers miss out one some amazing music just because they don't like the art style. :(

  2. I have lots in the Soundtrack Sunday YouTube playlist! Some of my favorites are from Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown. True true, though one of the reasons I love anime is because of the art style. It's so beautiful to me. The music and the animes themselves are so amazing. I wish they were more appreciated. What are some of your favorite OSTs? Thanks for commenting!

  3. Awesome! I'll definitely check out your playlist! Some of my favorite anime osts would be Parasyte the Maxim, Madoka Magica, Attack on TItan, and Assassination Classroom! Assassination Classroom has an especially wide selection of music that I write too!

    I agree, anime is gorgeous. I did take me about a year to adjust the style though. XD The eyes were so big...but now I love the big eyes! Kawaii!

  4. Cool! Out of those I've only listened to Attack on Titan lol. I need to dive into more anime. I've just been on a live action kick right now with Naruto Shippuden on Saturdays lol.

    Oh really? Yes, I love the big eyes now. They're so expressive! I really like how anime shows expressions of emotions.

  5. Here's my playlist of anime osts that I've covered on my blog if you're interested. Death Parade is tomorrow's post topic, but it's already on the playlist, so I guess you get a sneak peak. :P

    YES! Anime does an amazing job with expressing emotion, a lot better than some western shows in my opinion. I love the eyes, and the colorful hair. XD


  6. Sweetness! If some of these end up for SS know it's your fault lol. XD

    I totally agree! There is so much deep stuff in anime where Western can tend to be shallow. The colorful hair is so fun!