Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tea Tuesday: Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

I'm not really a coffee person. I prefer tea, and I know a lot of fellow writers love tea, too. But have you ever wanted to break out of the Early Grey or English Breakfast norm and try something new? Well, let me help you find some cool new teas! If you need a little hot and flavorful boost to help you reach your writing goal or you're just a lover of tea or you'd like to try some tea but aren't fond of the stereotypical types, these Tea Tuesday posts are for you.

This weeks tea is ... 

*drum roll*

Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

How I found it: I found this while grocery shopping at Kroger and I thought, "Huh, this could be really interesting to review. Yeah, it's in a can, but it's from Malaysia and it's tea and it's unusual flower tea, soo ..." *buys it*

The Tea: If I had brewed this tea myself, I would have cut down on the sugar a bit. It is quite sweet. The included cane sugar has a distinct taste that distracts from the chrysanthemum flavor. The chrysanthemum flavor reminds me of a daisy flower bouquet. I could imagine this would taste better by itself and without so much sugar. I tried watering it down, but that didn't help so much. Well, I had to try this once right?

Serving Recommendations: The tea already contains cane sugar, but I do recommend chilling it before drinking.

How much is it and where can you get it? I bought this tea for .99 at Kroger in their international food section. The Yeo's site tells you a bit about the tea, but not how to buy it. Go figure. This tea can also probably be found at other Asian markets like Hmart or other local ones.

So how good is it? I didn't care for it very much. If I find this tea loose, I may try it though. Only two stars for this one.

Have you tried this tea? What did you think of it? Have you seen _____?

Bonus! If you are a first-time Adagio customer I can send you a $5 giftcard! Ask in the comments for details! (This is no joke and no catch I seriously can. It's part of the amazingness of Adagio Teas)

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