Saturday, December 2, 2017

Monthly Summary: November 2017

November had a lot of ups and downs. It was half stressful and half really fun. XD It was definitely a rollercoaster.

What I did:

1.) I won NaNoWriMo! Silhouette is such a mess, but that's what editing is for. XD

2.) During my offline life, I went up to Tennessee again for work and on the way visited the prehistoric Etowah Indian Mounds!

A couple weeks later, I went down to Florida for my friend's 21st birthday party! We went to Medieval Times where she had her first drink and got to flash her I.D. We also got to wear these really awesome ren faire clothing that one of her friends' mom lent us!

We went to SusHi Eatstation as is tradtion

We got rolled ice cream afterward!

I got a Dragonslayer. It was goooood.

Then the week after I enjoyed Thanksgiving with family then our own private Thanksgiving the next day then we walked off some of the turkey at the Chattahoochee National Park.

My little cousin made this for me. Isn't it precious?

We like doing puzzles just cause. Puzzles are fun.

3.) I finished reading King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard and Winter by Marissa Meyer! The Lunar Chronicles was the best series I've read since Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar children!

4.) Most of my artsy time in November was spent writing or modeling clay for Christmas presents, so, unfortunately, I didn't get any drawing in this month.

5.) I reviewed Thor: Ragnarok on Geeks Under Grace then I wrote about Stranger Things 2 and The White Cat on Geekdom House!

The Geeky Department:

1.) I watched Thor: Ragnarok. It was, unfortunately, my least favorite Thor film, but I still enjoyed parts of it.

2.) I finished rewatching Code Geass. All the feels. XD

3.) I'm still watching the current season of RWBY and loving it!

4.) I'm also watching the new season of Blood Blockade Battlefront!

5.) I'm also watching many Christmas movies as is tradition. So far I've watched A Christmas Story, the Muppet Christmas Carol, and Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas.

What I Learned:

1.) I actually like Medieval dresses. I hate dresses normally. I have for years. I've avoided them like the plague and only worn them at like weddings or other formal gatherings, but I really liked this deep purple dress I wore at Medieval Times. It was really comfortable and floor length and I didn't feel like a strong gust of wind would reveal my undies. I actually felt pretty having to lift it while going upstairs. 

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm going to finish the last bit of Silhouette then take a break from writing for the rest of the month, because I'm a teensy bit burned out after NaNoWriMo.

2.) I'm working the first two weeks of the month then the rest of the month I have off and I'm enjoying the wonders of the holidays including baking lots of Christmas goodies, going down to Florida to enjoy Holiday Matsuri and just spend time with good friends, going to see Christmas lights at Callaway Gardens with an old friend and her hubby, making a big Christmas Eve dinner, and enjoying Christmas day! I'm excited. ^ ^

3.) I'm going to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and Red by Ted Dekker!

4.) I plan on doing at least one more drawing before the year is out, probably of a Silhouette character.

5.) I'm not sure what I'm writing about next month ...

Last Month on Wanderer's Pen ...

A Book Review of the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Coming Soon to Wanderer's Pen ...

December 5 - So Your Character is From Austria ... Featuring Becca @ The Punk Theory, Anna @ My Bookish Dream, & Kat @ Life and Other Disasters - These three ladies will be talking about all things Austria!

December 8 - Beautiful People - I'm hoping this will be a Beautiful People. Cait didn't have this up last year. If not I'll post something else. XD A possible guest post. ;)

December 9 - Villain Necrologies and Debacles: Christmas Edition - A post all about Christmas baddies!

December 12 - So Your Character is From Norway ... Featuring Tuva @ Tuva Tovslid - Tuva will be coming on the blog to talk about all things Norway!

December 15 - #MyFirstPostRevisited Blog Hop - It's a very nostalgic time of year, so I thought this tag appropriate for December.

December 16  - Writing Lessons from Movies: the Muppet Christmas Carol - I love the Muppets and my favorite Christmas movie is the Muppet Christmas Carol so I'm going to talk about how this movie is so good it can teach us about writing!

December 19 - So Your Character is From Sweden ... Featuring Katrin Berndt & Matilda Sj√∂holm - I'm really excited to have these ladies on the blog to talk about their country!

December 20 - Holiday Matsuri 2017 Report - I'm going to Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida! It's my first holiday convention and I can't wait to tell you all about it and the adventures surrounding it.

December 31 - Monthly Summary: December/Yearly Summary - I'll be doing my yearly summary where I'll reflect on things that happened in December and the rest of the year!


I'm taking my annual hiatus from December 21st - January 18th. As usual, the only post in that time will be my Yearly Summary post on December 31st so stop by for that. I'm taking this holiday time to rest and recuperate and spend time with family.

Despite the craziness, November was a good month and I'm happy to have gotten Silhouette drafted!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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