Friday, February 2, 2018

The Handwriting Challenge

Ready to see what my handwriting looks like? Sara Letourneau tagged me to do this challenge a while back. Honestly, I was a bit daunted because I've always thought my handwriting is ugly chicken scratch, but I'll let you guys decide. 

Les Questions:

1.) Write your name.
2.) Write your blog’s name.
3.) Write your favorite word and its definition.
4.) Write something nice.
5.) Write the name of your favorite song right now.
6.) What are you writing with?
7.) Write a fun fact about yourself.
8.) Write or draw your favorite emoticon.
9.) Write a silly message.
10.) Write who you’re tagging.

Moi Answers:

My excuse is I think my brain moves faster than my hand can write, so I tend to skip letters so I have to go back and add letters sometimes. I also tend to connect some of my letters like cursive, even though I've always disliked cursive. 

I've written a transcription in case you guys can't read what I said:
1.) Victoria Grace Howell
2.) Wanderer's Pen
3.) Right now I really like the word "savvy." I like the two vs. Savvy (verb) to know, understand.
4.) I like your boots. Ten points if you get that reference.
5.) "A Million Dreams" from the Greatest Showman.
6.) A mechanical pencil. 
7.) I have Viking blood. 
8.) Right now it's this one because it expresses when I'm profoundly irritated. (I don't think I can do this emoji on my computer, so refer to what I drew.)
9.) Nooouuugaattt!!!

Have you done this challenge? What are some of your answers? Do you like or dislike your handwriting? 

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