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Language of Worlds July-August 2019 Edition!

I'm really excited about this link-up because I get to squee about the sequel for Red Hood, the book that got me an agent! A lot of stuff is spoiled just in the back cover copy for book two so I'll try to keep this spoiler-free as possible. But basically, Mor has to recover from the events of the previous book and make the treacherous journey home to save her friend from going mad. If you'd like to participate in the link-up, hop on over to Liv's blog!

1. How long have you been writing this story?
I came up with the basic idea back in 2015, but I began writing it in March 2016. I'm currently working on the third draft.

2. Who’s your favorite character? Why?
Claes. He's the second POV character and he's my baby. He has such a great journey.

3. Which character do you consider the “goodest of the good”?
Dina. She's the main character Mor's best friend and she has a very pure heart. She could never turn bad.

4. Which character is the “baddest of the bad”?
That would probably be Nzelt. He's very narcissistic and selfish even though he poses like he's not.

5. If you were to have tea (or coffee!) with one character, which one would you pick? Why?
Faol. He's very wise and I'd love to just hear all the stories he has to tell about his life. 

6. Describe your storyworld.
Silfurlund is based on Scotland and Canada, and Isriki is based on Iceland and Canada. They're set in a cold environment so there's glaciers, fjords, snowy volcanos, and massive rocky mountains. There's also a few things signature to the world like all of the birds have cat or mouse ears depending on if they're predators or prey birds. And in Isriki there are giant crystals made of frozen geysers. 

7. You’ve fallen into your book! Which place would you be happiest at?
The landscape is really beautiful in my world, so I'd be happy touring both countries! But I'd like to visit the Nevermelts, the mountains, and the forests the most.

8. Which place would you like to avoid at all costs? (Or, explore to know its secrets a little bit better?)
Jail or inside a volcano or falling down a crevasse in a glacier would not be fun. 

9. Share an aesthetic!

10. Share a snippet!
Birkitok was nestled next to great snowy mountains and a frozen river. The houses were partially built into small hills and tufts of grass stuck out of the mounds of snow on the roofs. Isamaour bundled in thick furs meandered about the market, buying what they needed for the day before heading back into one of the houses and blessed warmth. Smoked fish, baked rye bread, and bison manure hung in the chilled air. A man walked by with a curly-tailed husky dog pulling a small sled of freshly-shot ptarmigan. Mor pulled her caribou fur-lined hood over her head and stuck her hand into her satchel to one produce a few krona bills and coins Hrafn had tucked in her bag. It was hardly enough for a bit more dried fish. They would have to find the Norvindur soon or they’d freeze and starve. 

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