Friday, November 6, 2015

Questions for Nox (Subsapien: Hybrid)!

Just picture this guy as a thirteen
year old boy and this is Nox. 

Happy NaNoWriMo, everybody! I'm doing NaNo this month and I still need to get to know this fella here on the left. He's one of my main POV characters and I still haven't quite tapped into his personality. Since character interviews are so very helpful for character development for me and you all ask so many awesome questions, I'm featuring Nox for this month's character interview! Let me tell you a little about him:

Nox (short for Noxious) is a  thirteen-year-old subsapien living in the Rocky Mountain L.G.R. facility. He has the DNA of Pit Viper which gives him extremely flexibility, heat vision (It's legit for Pit Vipers. Look it up.), and fangs with venom to name a few. He's been raised in a laboratory his entire life and has never been to the outside world. He's been curious about what lies there, but believes it's a goal that can never be achieved.

Throughout Nox's life, he has endured cruel experiments and lost every friend he's ever had. Now he's decided that having friends isn't worth the emotional pain, so he's cut himself off from most people and looks out for only himself. But when a norm transported to his lab as a prisoner told Nox to protect his sister no matter when he was being separated from her, Nox has felt indebted to protect this four-year-old girl named Izzy.

Nox is hard and a bit moody. He enjoys chocolate chip cookies and eggs when he can get them. He also wants to grow big and strong so he can finally stand up to his oppressive Dominant (ruler of the graftings of the L.G.R. under the scientists) and stop being pushed around and lose every test. That way he can have nicer clothes and food and live a better life--as good of a life as he can in his toxic environment. Though he hides it, Nox is very lonely and wishes he could open himself up again to friendship, but he's too scared of the consequences.

Leave your questions in the comments and he'll answer them Friday the 20th! Due to the low volume of questions I'm posting the interview on the 27th instead! I'm also trying out this google form device. Tell me what you think of it! Thank you! 

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