Sunday, November 1, 2015

Soundtrack Sundays: Lost in Las Vegas (Two Steps from Hell)

It's Soundtrack Sunday again! The day where I post awesome music to write to or just listen to for pleasure if you're a fellow soundtrack junkie. A while back I bought and completed a bunch of my Two Steps from Hell albums during the artist's huge sale. I still have gone through all of the music, but while putting my iPhone on shuffle, I discovered this piece while doing errands. 

This piece is whopping ten minutes long! But I've found it perfect to listen to while driving, especially when you're dealing with Atlanta traffic. It's serene with both orchestral and synthetic instruments with light female vocals. It has enough of a beat to keep you awake, but gentle enough to keep you calm during stressful driving. It's such a cool piece and totally worth the length. It's also suitable to listening to while writing a traveling scene in a futuristic or even thriller story. You can listen to more epic music in my Soundtrack Sundays YouTube playlist.

Have you heard this piece before? What do you think of it? Have you listened to any other Two Steps from Hell?

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