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Monthly Summary: February 2016

February was a crazy busy month, considering I spent half of it out of the country visiting one of my best friends Cassia! I didn't get too much writing done, but I got so many plot bunnies for Red Hood while up in the snow-covered north. Well, partially snow-covered, since this is the warmest winter they've had in a long time. Still I had many awesome experiences I will treasure for years to come!

What I did:

1.) I finished my microedits for Red Hood and went through a lot of critique, getting it ready to submit to a publisher in March!

I also got some pretty big news.



My flash fic the Six Swans of Salem has been accepted in the flash fiction magazine Splickety: Havok. The Fairytales: Unfettered edition of the magazine will be released in April right before my birthday. ^ ^ I'm so excited because this is my first print publication ever! In a little over a month I'll be holding my writing in my hands officially published with a paycheck! I'm so utterly excited! If you'd like to purchase a copy (Print copy is $6.95 and Digital is $3.49), you can get yours here after it releases.

2.) I went to Canada! I talked about this in more detail in the tag this month, but I didn't include some pictures I'm going to show here. I spent twelve days with Cassia from Dimensions of My Universe in Alberta, Canada! We skied, pretended to be kids again in Tellus Museum, took pictures in a wildlife reserve, explored an ice castle, swam in an indoor waterpark, and even went to the Rockies in Banff! We had such an amazing time. I already want to go back!

Skiing at Snow Valley

Messing around with this light/shadow box at Tellus Museum

Elk Island Photoshoot

Elk Island Photoshoot

Elk Island Photoshoot

Ice Castle

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark


Skoki's Waffles and Crepes!

Downtown Banff!

The Rockies!

Sleigh Ride!

Fairmont Hot Springs Hotel since 1888

Johnston's Canyon!

Hot Springs
3.) I've finished The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey and Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams! Reviews will be up in the coming weeks. Let's just say, one was good and one was bad.

4.) I made it by the skin of my teeth, but I did finish two drawings of Cynara from Subsapien! This is my first fullbody in a while. I was definitely rusty. XD

5.) I guestposted on Faith and Fantasy Alliance (the official Realm Makers conference blog) about steampunk and Sara Letourneau's blog about being a plonster and on Arlette Writes about how much I love writing.

The Geeky Department:

1.) I'm on the last season of Lost! This is definitely a crazy show. I didn't expect it to go in the directions it did. XD

I like this gif a lot.

2.) I'm on Season 6 of GMM! I'm determined to catch up so I can officially make it part of my daily routine!

They're such dorks. XD
3.) I watched Spirited Away with Cassia. It was her first time seeing it. My third. The movie just gets better with every watch.

4.) I also go through half of Your Lie in April with Cassia. We plan to watch the rest at the same time will camming. I like it so far. ^ ^

Takes me back to my piano competition days.

5.) I also saw the 5th Wave in theaters. Check out my review on Geeks Under Grace!

 What I Learned:

1.) Always Be on the Lookout for New Post Ideas - I don't know about you but I have this fear that I'm going to run out of ideas on my blog and one day I'm going to say, "Hey, guys ... I've got nothin'." But I've found that I'm constantly inspired by keeping a look out. Look at what questions members in writing communities are asking. I've been inspired to write a post about how to get back into reading. This is a problem I've experienced and I found this out because some people commented about how they're having trouble. It's now on my list of ideas. Is there something you're passionate about? Write about it. Is there something you discovered how to do? Write about it. Is there something you learned this whole new method on how to do? Write about it.

2.) This is some really great advice for aspiring writers -

3.) Airport Security Doesn't Like Me - So I've been on plane six times in the past four years. Three out of six of those times I've been held up by security for some reason. First time was on the way back to the USA from France and I was randomly selected to be screened. The only thing suspicious i had in there was a plushie of my book character. Second time I got in trouble on my way to Canada because I had pepper spray (I live in the Atlanta area, people), and I had to have it thrown away. That held me up for like a half hour to an hour while I was signing all of these documents.

Third time was on my flight back from Canada and security thought they saw a letter opener in my purse. What idiot would take a letter opener in their purse is beyond me. It was chopsticks. Chop. Sticks. Last time which was on a connection on that same journey, was I was randomly selected again. The dude gave me a choice of the scanning machine or being physically pat down.


Machine please. No, I don't want to go behind that stupid curtain and let you get your little airport man, two by two hands of blue hands all over me.

I'm a 5' 9", Southern, pale, blonde, blue-eyed white girl. Do I look intimidating to you?!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is if you need any help for book research about being pulled aside by airport security for minor "offenses", I've got ya covered.

This is what I looked like. Does this look intimidating to you?
4.) I Love Canada - Despite the mishaps on the plane, I really enjoy the country of Canada. I already miss hearing "eh" and Canadian, British, and French accents all the time. I miss the colder weather. I miss the people I met up there. I miss Tim Horton's. I miss the Rockies. I hope I can make a trip back soon. I still have much to see.

Last Tim Horton's. Sadness ...
5.) First Official Editing Experience - Now that I'm being published in a magazine for the first time, I have some experience in a minor publishing experience. I thought I'd give you some incite, so you have an idea of how it goes if you're interested in submitting to a magazine.

After I wrote my piece and had the heck critiqued out of it, I sent it off via email and to the magazine's articles to the acquisitions editor. In about five days (aka the night before I left for Canada), I got my first ever acceptance notice! I cried. I'll admit it. I'm still in shock it happened. The head editor for Havok also gave me some tweaks from the associate editor. I fixed those (they were minor and actually helped enhance the story) and sent it back. That's as far as I've gotten, but I've been informed I'll be getting my contract soon, and I'll be submitting a bio and photo for the magazine as well.

Speaking of that ... I'm thinking about changing my main author profile picture. Do you like the original (the first) or the new one (the second) better?



What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm going to finish looking over critique for Red Hood, do a few more polishing edits, then send it off to the publisher who wants to see it. *crossing fingers because this is my dream publisher* I'm also going to plan and begin writing Silver Hood, the sequel for Red Hood!

2.) I actually don't really have any exciting life plans for next month. Ummm ... Looking for a part time job to help save up for a conference? Does that count? Yeah probably not ...

3.) I'm going to finish Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (which is really good so far by the way) and read Cinder by Marissa Meyer (I know, I know. Finally), and The End of All Things by Jill Williamson,

4.) I'm going to work on the Pro Expressions Challenge, which is fitting since I'm interviewing her next month, and I'd like to Rouyn Expressions Challenge too if I get time.

5.) I'd like to do more guest posts and reviews if I get the time. We will have to see. March is a month where I'm not totally sure what I'm doing. XD

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More awesomeness coming to you next month in some anticipated posts! I'm so happy to be able to get them to you now. ^ ^

March 1 - A Book Review of the Revised Life of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill - Where I analyze yet another contemporary novel, but this one the main character is a young writer.

March 4 - Questions for Pro (Subsapien) - A call for questions for one of my side characters from my science-fiction series Subsapien. She's my Southern, tomboy character. Pro had an interview a while back, but it's been years. Come ask her a few Qs on this day! Here interview will be posted on March 25th!

March 5 - Antiheroes 101: What is an Antihero and How do you Write a Successful One? - Do you like Sherlock, Tony Stark, or Han Solo? Then this is the post for you! I give you some good tips on how to write a good antihero.

March 6 - Writerly Bundle #5 - Where I continue my fangirling over Jane Austen inspired teas and tunes. (technically the first one begins tomorrow but you know ...). This week will be Lizzie Bennett inspired!

March 8 - A Book Review of the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - A lot of people have anticipated this review and on this day I shall bring it to you. I've also reviewed the movie, which I will be including in that review. Is this alien apocalypse story any good? What can it teach us about writing?

March 11 - Beautiful People - I have no idea what I'm doing for this, but I'm sure Cait and Sky will have something wonderful in store.

March 12 - So Your Character is From Canada ... - The next edition of the So Your Character is From Another Country series! Tracey Dyck from Adventure Awaits, Adriana Gabrielle from the Librarian Files, and Cassia Schaar from Dimensions of My Universe will be joining me for an exclusive interview about life as a Canadian. Because I recently went to Canada, I will be including a video interview with Cassia! It's going to be a great post.

March 13 - Writerly Bundle #6 - I'll be reviewing an exclusive leap year Adagio tea!

March 15 -  A Book Review of Allegiant by Veronica Roth - Another review I know some of you have been looking forward to and I've made sure it's right before the movie comes out. I plan to be reviewing the film over on Geeks Under Grace. I'll include the link in the review after I've seen it.

March 18 - Tag - I'll be doing another one of the tons of tags, I'm tagged in, not sure which one yet, but it'll be good. XD

March 19 - Writing Lessons from Movies: The Prince of Egypt - Anyone remember this animated classic from their childhood with amazing songs based on the Biblical story of Moses? It's pretty awesome, right? What makes it awesome? Find out in this post!

March 20 - Writerly Bundle #7 - More Jane Austen teas! This one will be from Persuasion.

March 22 - A Book Review of Peril by Suzanne Hartmann - I've had this book on my shelf for a while and I finally decided to crack it open. Was that a wise decision?

March 26 - Monthly Summary - I do this again and apparently you guys like to read me ranting about my life, so I bet you're looking forward to this.

March 27 - Writerly Bundle #8 - Another Jane Austen-inspired tea called Brandy Oolong! Let's see if it's any good.

March 29 - A Book Review of The End of All Things by Jill Williamson - A book review of part three of the King's Folly! You can check out part one and part two!

Elsewhere ...

Kind Things To Do For Writers, Bloggers, + Authors by Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith - A really cute post on how to give writers, bloggers, and authors some love. :)

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The Lost Art of Honor–And Why We Need it Back by Emily Tjaden @ The Incandescent Life - A post we all need to hear.

3 Notebooks Every Writer Needs by Bethany Youngblood @ Forgotten Featherpen - A nifty post about notebooks to keep us organized!

ELEMENTS OF A GOOD ROMANTIC SUBPLOT by Imogen Elvis @ Gossiping Dragons - A great post that basically talks about everything I don't like about romantic subplots and how to write a good one.

Over all February has been a really fun and exiting month. March will probably simmer down a bit, but some downtown will be nice. Happy March!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts? Have you been to Canada? Have you ready any of these books or seen any of these movies/shows? Has airport security ever pulled you aside? Which author picture do you like best?
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