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The Bloodstained Searchbar Tag & The Daily Quote Challenge

I'm very excited about these tags, especially since they're all going to be relevant to books and NaNoWriMo! Yays! My thanks to Melissa Gravitis @ Quill Pen Writer who both created and tagged me in the Bloodstained Searchbar Tag and thank you to Emma @ Creative Explorations and the Author @ To Write or Not to Write for tagging me in the Daily Quote Challenge!

Les Rules:

1) Dig deep into your computer history and list five of your most recent and interesting searches for writing research; how to murder someone, is the sky blue, anything! And if you please, share a little about what you learned from these searches. (I'm bending these rules and doing nine things because I'm a rebel.)

2) Thank and link to whoever tagged you. Also if I didn't tag you, if you could link to the creator (me), that would be awesome.  (Check!)

3) Tag at least three other bloggers! (See below!)

4) Have fun ;) (But of course)

Research for Starbloods

Fibromyalgia - My character Elasa has fibromyalgia (a chronic pain medical condition), so I've had to do a lot of research on it to get it right. I've also done an interview with the lovely Sky @ Further Up and Further In which goes up November 1st. 


Renaissance Technology - I've decided to bump Starbloods up a time period so it now has some clockpunk elements. Thus I've done some research to see what technology had been discovered in the Renaissance age, which means lots of Leonardo DaVinci research. He's one of my favorite historical figures. Since the Starbloods world has 28 hour days, their clocks are going to be very interesting looking.

Baobab Trees - One of the neighboring countries the main continent for this story world has South African, New Zealand, Egyptian, and Russian influences, which means this country has baobab trees. I researched them and found out you can eat baobab fruit and use the leaves for a spice and brew them into a tea. I actually tried the tea recently, which I really need to review ... It's very good though.

Research for Subsapien:

What a Body Looks Like After Twenty Years of Decay - Sooooo funny story with this. So some of my character come across an old lab facility that met a dark end and someone forgot a body and my characters stumbled on it. I was squeamish about googling pictures of this so I got my friend to do it. It was really funny because I was watching her face over webcam as she browsed and then described stuff to me. XD

How a Press Conference is Conducted - There's a big press conference in the middle of the third book and when I got to that part I realized I knew nothing about press conferences, so I had to rapidly do some research about how they were set up and how they went.

Muscle Atrophy - Some of my characters are in a coma for a long period of time, so I looked up the effects of muscle atrophy, which is why my characters are in wheelchairs for the first part of the first book.

Research for Red Hood:

Icelandic Recipes - Food is very important, so I had to look up some good cuisine for the fancy dinners I have in this series. One of the countries has heavy Icelandic and Inuit influence so I had to look up recipes and I stumbled on lots! I had no idea about all the things Icelandic people eat that are different from American. One of them is cold soups for dessert.

The Eskimo/Inuit Language - As I mentioned before one of the countries in the Red Hood world has heavy Icelandic and Inuit influence, so of course I've had to look up the language for naming and such. And unfortunately that thing about Eskimos having fifty words for snow isn't true. Big disappointment I know.

Nokken - Lastly, I looked up this freakazoid of a creature, because I needed an obstacle for my characters, so why not use a Scandinavian water pixie that uses a violin to lure women and children to drown in a lake? ... ... ... I kinda upped the creepy factor made the violin sound their call to lure people to feed their babies. ... ... ... Did I claim to be normal? No. I don't see that anywhere on this blog.

The Daily Quote Challenge:

Les Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you (Check!)

2. Nominate 3 new bloggers everyday (See below)

3. Post a new quote everyday for three consecutive days (Since this isn't really how my blog is run, I'm going to post all of my quotes here at one time and all of the quotes are going to be related to my NaNoWriMo novel Starbloods!)

Les Nominees:

I'm only going to tag five people, because it's easier. If you've done these tags then don't worry about it. Pick and choose what you want to do. ^ ^

1.) Anna Deubell @ Light from the Shadows

2.) Anna Haber @ The Story Scientist 

3.) Simona @ Girl with Cloudy Head

4.) Sky @ Further Up and Further In

5.) Alyssa @ Devil Orders Takeout

I hope you nominees enjoy the tags!

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