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Language of Worlds: Belated March April 2019 Edition

Late again, but I just couldn't miss out on these questions on Liv's Link-up! Today I'm talking about Nzelt who is one of the main villains of the Red Hood series and he's a ... special fellow. He is an Isamaour which is a humanoid being that lives in the north and can manipulate matter at will, though Nzelt is nearly completely black because he's used his abilities too much. I have a full bio and interview centering around him too!

1. What's your character's favorite song?
Since he's from a different world he doesn't listen to our music, but he does like classical and impressionist.

2. What makes their soul thrive?
He likes inventing and creating things. He has a very curious mind and enjoys discovering new things--even if it has a cost.

3. Describe their typical outfit.
Nzelt loooooooooooooooooooooves his fashion. He must be dapper all the time. He's very narcissistic and vain. XD He loves his trench coats, top hats, waistcoats, watches, tie pins, shoes ... He has a ridiculous amount of clothes.

4. What do they look like? (Share a picture, if you want!)
I've got one up there. ^^^ As I explained in the intro he has completely black skin because of the Inking which happens from using his abilities. He also has white hair and sapphire eyes. He's tall and lean and keeps himself very well-groomed.

5. Who cares most about them?
Nzelt has adopted a lot of halfura (half human half Isamaour) since they are outcasts, so they're very devoted to him because of his kindness. 

6. Have they been called names beyond their own? (i.e. nicknames, insults, etc.)
He's known as "The Vulture" because he uses others to do his dirty work then takes his spoils after the opponent has been defeated--and for other reasons, but spoilers. ;)

7. What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?
I haven't looked up his MBTI yet, but he's definitely Slytherin. Without a doubt.

8. Is there a psalm they identify with? What is it?
Nzelt is an atheist, so he doesn't really read religious texts and if he does it's with a lot of skepticism. But the one I think relates to him is this one: 

His mouth is full of curses and deceit and oppression; Under his tongue is mischief and wickedness.Psalm 10:7
9. How do they handle defeat?
Nzelt is pretty good at picking himself up after a setback, but he does take his anger out on others at times if it was a particularly bad defeat. He really doesn't like giving up though.

10. Without spoilers, how are they the hero of this story? (Even if they're the villain!)
If you couldn't tell already, Nzelt is definitely a villain, but he believes he's the hero of his country because he's saving them from primitive lifestyles and bringing them a cure that will undo the curse demons put upon them (though he believes the problem is a genetic mutation).

The Inking looks like this in the early stages.

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