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Monthly Wanderings: May 2019

What do you think of the new name and logo for these monthly recaps? I thought little Inukshuk needed more spotlight. If you don't know him from Instagram, Little Inukshuk is my little travel buddy I got in Canada. He's made of star marble and nephrite jade. Inukshuks are structures made by Inuit to lead the way in the Canadian tundra. They're a symbol of safe travels, so Little Inukshuk accompanies me on my adventures. 

What I did:

1.) I finished my read over of Silver Hood, organized the 6,000 words of notes, and am currently working on filling out some character profiles to keep all of my information consistent.

And .............

Red Hood is going into the inboxes of many acquisitions editors to see if they're interested in it! Squee! I'm praying that it will find the right publisher soon! 

2.) MegaCon Orlando was a total blast! I met so many celebrities, made so many great memories, and had a blast cosplaying.

For Memorial Day, my mom and I went tubing on the Cartecay River in Ellijay, GA and it was so much fun!

3.) I finished Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas!

4.) I'm doing a lot of worldbuilding artwork for Red Hood and I designed these emblems for the countries of that world and the four Red Hood Manors!

5.) I have articles up on Acoustic Erin about the importance of rest, Geeks Under Grace for my MegaCon Report and Think Christian about Game of Thrones!

The Geeky Department:

1.) I saw two new movies this month: Shazam! and Tolkien. Both were pretty good, but not great in my opinion. It was neat seeing more of Tolkien's history on the screen and Zachary Levi is as cute as ever.

2.) The two shows I've been watching are Attack on Titan--and Game of Thrones. AoT is finally building up to what is in that friggin' basement and I'm admitting I've watched Game of Thrones. I feel a bit hesitant about it because of the content and I didn't watch any of the sex scenes (cause gross) and none of the extreme violence. All in all my thoughts about that show are most of the characters are detestable, there's way too much mature content, I like Tyrion, Jon, Brienne, and Sansa, and at least the show ended well. But I'm never watching it again nor recommending it to anyone. I watched it for the cultural points and I got paid $50 to write an article on it.

3.) I meant to start Kingdom Hearts III this month, but I got sucked into Shadow of Mordor which I purchased on sale in Florida and this game I do recommend. It's a story that's set in between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And I adore how it builds a whole new story without affecting canon material. It does have gore (cause orcs) as in heads are severed and there are splashes of blood and there is some occasional moderate swearing, but if you're a LOTR fan, I highly recommend it.

4.) I got to meet thirteen different actors at MegaCon! Lindsay Jones (Ruby from RWBY), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang from RWBY), Arryn Zech (Blake from RWBY), Katelyn Eberle (Weiss from RWBY), Patricia Summersett (Zelda from Breath of the Wild), Jim Cummings ( The Official Voice of Pooh Bear), Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen from Arrow), David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who), Christopher Lloyd (Hacker from Cyberchase), Chris Sabat (All Might from My Hero Academia), Clifford Chapin (Bakugo from My Hero Academia), Justin Briner (Midoriya from My Hero Academia), and Sam Astin (Sam from The Lord of the Rings). 

5.)  I debuted two new cosplays! Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket and Namine from Kingdom Hearts!

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I want to finish filling out character profiles then write out some timelines then fill out some worldbuilding sheets and then replot the book and if I get all of that done in decent time start on the Silver Hood rewrite!

Next month, I'm going to be building a new website so I can move to my own hosted URL and I'm hoping to do some fun streamlined design. We'll see if I can get all of the transferring and designing done in a month, but I'm going to at least start on this project! Any advice is welcome, haha!

2.) Next month Sister Number 3 is getting married, so I'll be attending her wedding. ^ ^ She's my first sibling to get married!

3.) I'm going to be reading Daybreak by Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson. It's my first book I've read written by an Icelandic author so I'm excited. And I'll also be reading The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine!

4.) I'd like to do some more worldbuilding drawing!

5.) I'm hoping to have another post up on Think Christian!

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Overall, May was a great month!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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