Friday, May 24, 2019

MegaCon/Summer Florida Trip 2019 Report!

I'm still in shock at the epicness that occurred this past weekend. I had such a wonderful time, I checked off so many things off of my bucket list, and I just feel so rejuvenated. 

Day 1/6:

Travel down to Florida went really smoothly. Security was a breeze and I arrived early. My friend Casey picked me up and for the rest of the day we hung out, watching Good Mythical Morning, and played Pandemic until her sister Amy came home that evening and then we hung out some more then went to bed since the next day was the first day of MegaCon Orlando!

Day 2/6: 

On day one of MegaCon, I cosplayed as Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket alongside my friends who cosplayed as Akito, Hatori, and Ayame (she comes in later)! This was my first crossplay, so I was super pumped to try cosplaying someone of the opposite gender. 

We explored the Dealer's Hall and the Artist Alley and we found an onigiri booth, so I got to try handmade onigiri! I'm happy to report the stuff I've made at home is pretty accurate!

I also searched the convention for the other half of this RWBY artwork I wanted to get signed. I thought I found the booth that sold it in advance, but when I checked he didn't have it. So I searched nearly the entire dealer hall until I'd almost given up hope and one of my friends suggested I try a certain booth. On the last page of the sample book, I found it and bought it for only $5! I screamed in excitement!

Since I had my prints ready then I promptly went to the RWBY booths to get my artwork signed and got the autographs of three out of four of the RWBY actresses! They were all very kind and Weiss's actress even gave me a hug and thanked me for supporting her career. Next, I saw Patricia Summersett who is Zelda's actress in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We had a brief conversation about how it felt like to be the first person to voice Zelda and she said, "It was a ride." She even wrote in Hylian the first line of the game! "Open your eyes..."

Then my friends and I had an epic photo shoot of our amazing group cosplay. We had such a blast posing as members of the Sohma family!

We also did a red carpet walk nearby and got on the official MegaCon Instagram!

I also got a lot of great pics of some awesome cosplayers!

Carlyle and Anne from The Greatest Showman

The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Cindy from Final Fantasy XV
Then to finish off the night I had dinner at SusHi Eatstation with one of my other Floridian friends! 

Day 3/6:

On day two, I cosplayed as Ino Yamanaka alongside my friends who cosplayed as Itachi, Shisui, and Sasuke Uchiha! Little Sasuke was cosplayed by one of the sweetest eleven-year-olds I've ever met! We rocked out to anime music the whole way to the con.

Today was a whirlwind since I got autographs from six different actors. That doesn't sound like very much, but I was waiting in line for the majority of the day. First up was Stephen Amell! I didn't wait too long to get his autograph for Oliver Queen from Arrow! He was really nice though I was super nervous when talking to him lol. Next was Jim Cummings who's the official voice of Pooh Bear! He was really nice and he even did Pooh Bear's voice for me! Squee!

Then I hopped in Christopher Lloyd's (Back to the Future, Cyberchase) line where I waited. Three. Hours. For his autograph. In between that time, I line hopped and saw Clifford Chapin (voice of Bakugo from My Hero Academia). 

And I got a picture with David freaking Tennant!!! It all happened so quickly with him that it took a while for it to sink in that I got a picture with the 10th Doctor. O_O

Then I hopped back in line and got Christopher Lloyd's autograph for Hacker from Cyberchase. He even did Hacker's voice for me! :D Worth the wait!

Then I completed my RWBY set and got Arryn Zech's autograph for Blake Belladonna! Then we ended the day with another epic photoshoot! Little Sasuke's cousin joined us cosplaying as a Fem Kiba and we just had such a blast taking pictures of such a big group!

And I ran into a King Graham cosplayer which are very hard to find and we had a great conversation about King's Quest! :D

And a few other great cosplay shots!

Roman from RWBY

Tokoyami and Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Su from My Hero Academia

Sonic and Tails

Day 4/6:

In past years I've done the Saturday craziness, but this year we decided to take a break on this day and rest. We went out to lunch at Third Culture Kitchen and I got some super yummy tacos.

Then we went shopping and I got a picture frame for my David Tennant photo and some on sale video games at GameStop: Shadow of Mordor and the Last Guardian! Then we went back to the house and played some more Pandemic and a little bit of Conquest of the Longbow where Casey and I aced the riddles section.

After that, we went Pokemon hunting at Sand Point Park. I got a bunch of new Pokemon, but it was also so serene to be with two of my best friends and the ocean breezes near sunset made such beautiful weather. It's hard to live so far away from my close friends, but moments like this bring me such joy to be with them.

Day 5/6:

Today was the last day of MegaCon and my friends and I did a Kingdom Hearts group cosplay: Namine, Riku, and Xion! 

Thanks to the fact that one of my friends had a stroller for her two-year-old, we got to be first in line for Chris Sabat (All Might from My Hero Academia)! Admittedly, I took advantage of that privilege and had a short conversation with him about my article I wrote about All Might and mental health. It was a good discussion. ^ ^

Next, Amy and I tried to see Zachary Levi, but we didn't know his line was going to be cut off, so early so unfortunately, we didn't get to see him, but I did snap these pics of him.

Then we got to have a photo op with the one and only SEAN ASTIN (Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings)! Now I have pics with Frodo and Sam! :D

And our last celebrity for the convention was Justin Briner voice of Izuku Midorya from My Hero Academia! Unlike with Levi, we did manage to make the cut into his line and I'm so glad we did because this voice actor practically is Midorya! He's so chipper and sounds just like him! So precious!

Before we left I got some pics of some more good cosplay including this amazing Jack Skellington!

Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Mount Lady from My Hero Academia

Roxas and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts

Then we ended the day by doing a Kingdom Hearts photoshoot at Sand Point Park! And I'm ridiculously proud of these pics because the lighting just makes them look freaking epic.

Day 6/6:

The next morning, I woke up super early to catch my flight home and again security and the flight went super smoothly and I had a nice Lyft driver home. When I got to my house, I had a nap and was able to admire all of the items of my haul!

Conclusion - Overall, this really was a wonderful trip. It went so smoothly. No drama, just good times. This has definitely been my favorite MegaCon year ever!

Courtesy of Jeff Jenkins Photography!

Have you been to a convention before? Which one(s)? Have you ever cosplayed? If so who? Have you ever met any celebrities?

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