Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Disney/Fall Florida Trip 2019 Report!

This was such a wonderful trip! I'm writing this before my flight home, so I'm still riding the hype! Project Magic Kingdom Hearts plus a spontaneous trip to Animal Kingdom and then video games! Squee!

Day 1/4:

I maybe got two hours of sleep on this day before I had to wake up for my super early flight. It went very smoothly and I landed in Orlando on time and then Casey picked me up and we drove back to her house! We spent the rest of the day chilling, playing some Pandemic, working on articles, and then we took a walk because the weather was so beautiful that evening. 

Day 2/4:

This morning was the release day for the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening so Casey and I picked up our copies at GameStop!

Today was the big day for Project Magic Kingdom Hearts, a massive gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans at Disney's Magic Kingdom during Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I got to be a special guest for the event and help out with the project! I cosplayed as Namine. We had giveaways, sea salt ice cream lollipops, and we had a picture frame to sign to commemorate the event. 

Then we had two photo sessions! One was at the carousel and the other at Cinderella's castle. We had so many amazing cosplays!

The rest of the night was spent riding ride and just spending time together, though we did get to see the Boo to You Parade and the amazing light/firework show on the Cinderella castle hosted by Jack Skellington! The show was so amazing it was unreal!

Day 3/4:

Today we had a spontaneous trip to Animal Kingdom! Scotty, a friend of Casey's, is a castmember and invited us to go to the park for free on Thursday and we accepted! This was the best theme park experience I've ever had. 

When we arrived we saw the beautiful Tree of Life on Discovery Island along with a giant anteater, spoonbills, and other birds!

Next, we headed to Pandora! Which was the part I was the most excited for! Oh my gosh, guys. Best theme park ever! It was so immersive and since Scotty works in that part of Disney, he was our personal tour guide and told us about all of the secrets like that this park is supposed to be set 70 years after the movie and Ewya has allowed humans to breathe on the planet now via the Flaska Reclinata that cleans the air. The park was so detailed and everything felt so real. It was so cool to just lose yourself into the world and pretend like you're really there. We also managed to catch the tail end of a show about the Pandora utility suit. :D

We ate at the Satu'li Canteen and had a delicious lunch while listening to Na'vi music and sitting under handwoven Na'vi hammocks. So cool!

Then we got in line for the Flight of Passage which normally has a two-hour wait, but thanks to blessed timing a couple let us come with them for their fast pass so we got on the ride right away! Oh my gosh, guys. This is was the most beautiful ride I've ridden. It fulfilled all of my dreams of flying dragons, griffins, and banshees. You felt like you were truly flying. You could feel wind and mist on your face and even the banshee breathing underneath you. It was so gorgeous that Casey and I were in joyful tears afterward. Best. Ride. EVER! Afterward, I got a bunch of fun souvenirs including Na'vi ears and tail, which I proceeded to wear all day at the park, cause why not?

Next, we went on the Na'vi River Journey. It had a bit of a long wait but we were more than enough entertained by good conversation and the intricate woven Na'vi map on the ceiling! Then when we got on we were immersed in a bioluminescent rainforest and it was so amazing! There were even full-scale Na'vi animatronics that looked so real! 

Next, we went to Dinoland and rode the Dino Institute Ride where we go back in time and rescue Alladar the Iguanadon from the old early 2000s movie Dinosaur. Tell me I'm not the only one that remembers that. XD It was pretty fun! But not super worth the wait. 

Next, we went to the Asia section of the park which was modeled after Tibet and India. We went on a river ride there which was all right, but I really liked seeing the animals like a Bengal Tiger, Komodo Dragon, antelope, and a bunch of unusual birds in an aviary! The ruins looked so cool and real and it felt like I was in another country.

Then we headed over to Africa and after a long but worth it wait we went on a Harambe Reserve Safari ride where we saw baobab trees, Bongos, okapi, termite mounds, giraffe, elephants, hippos, Nile Crocodiles, wildebeest, watusis, flamingos, lions, and even cheetahs! It felt like I was really in Africa!

Then we went over to Pandora to ride the Flight of Passage one more time! This time we had to wait like all of the normal folks but the line area was so neat! On the way, we got to see Pandora starting to light up at night. So cool! While in line there were Na'vi caverns, an avatar lab, and bioluminescent jungle. After about an hour wait, we got on the ride and it was just as exhilarating the second time! SO AMAZING!

Then we ended the night by looking at the Pandora park lit up and eating lumpia and Night Flower drinks from Pangu-Pangu!

Then we saw the Tree of Life lit up! So pretty! Overall, it was an absolutely amazing trip!

Day 4/4:

Today we went out to eat at Third Culture Kitchen which is one of our favorite local restaurants and we spent the day relaxing and playing Pandemic, Smash Bros., and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

This was such a refreshing trip and just what I needed! I made so many memories that I'll treasure forever. ^ ^

Have you ever been to Disney World? Have you ever been to this event? Have you played Kingdom Hearts? What are you/have you dressed up as for this Halloween?

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