Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Language of Worlds September-October 2019 Edition!

I'm participating in Liv's bi-monthly link-up again and this month Aska is joining us to answer some questions! She's one of my side characters from Silver Hood. More about her in her bio. If you'd like to join in on the fun hop on over to Liv's website

1. Your character is in crisis! Who is the first person they turn to?
Aska is a very independent person. She doesn't like relying on other people and she only asks for help if she's at a complete dead end. Her younger sister Maeja is usually the one to finally get her to talk about what's bothering her. 

2. Who has their unconditional loyalty?
Maeja. She's protected her sister since they were taken away from their parents at a young age.

3. What cause do they believe in? Why?
Aska is very determined to be cured from the Inking, which is a slow decay of her body that occurs any time she uses her abilities. She's been helping Nzelt, her guardian, find the cure for it.

4. Are they easy to get along with?
Not really. She isn't very talkative and when she is she's very blunt. She takes a long time to warm up to new people.

5. Are they a night owl or morning dove? (Or “weird daytime pigeon”?)
She's a morning person. She likes to go skiing early in the morning.

6. What do they consider most vital to their health? Are they right?
Again finding that cure. If it isn't found, it will seriously decrease her life span, but besides that, she does enjoy staying fit by skiing and running.

7. What was their childhood fear?
She was very afraid of water. She fell into an icy lake as a child and nearly drowned. 

8. What do they have nightmares about?
Spoilers, so I won't go into detail, but the day she was taken from her parents. 

9. What sights/sounds/smells remind them of home?
Big black and white mountains, the honking of greylag geese, and the smell of smoking fish and caribou.

10. What do they love most about themself?
Her skiing abilities. She'd love to be skier as a career. It's her favorite sport.

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