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Monthly Summary: August 2016

August was mostly a month of getting things together. I had a bit of break from novel writing since I had to wait on beta feedback, but I had a ton of deadlines for articles. I did some job hunting and a lot of working. It was a much calmer month than others, which is good after the craziness of this year.

What I did:

1.) I took a little break from editing before going over beta feedback. I'm not quite done like I wanted to be, but I'm hoping to get there before the very end of the month.

2.) Offline life has mostly been working. XD The only interesting things that happened were I went swimming in Lake Tamarak, I went bowling with my church group, and I also got a second job at a British corner shop called the Queen's Pantry. I've been a customer there for years, and I saw they were hiring just a week ago. I went in for an interview and I was hired on the spot. ^ ^ I'm the first American they've ever hired. XD

3.) I finished reading Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner and Tainted by Morgan L. Busse this month. Loved them both. ^ ^ Review for Tainted will be up on Tuesday. 

4.) I did a lot of drawing this month. I went shoulder-up happy and drew several of my characters from Starbloods and Red Hood

Vanmoriel from Starbloods

Nzelt from Red Hood

Einer from Red Hood
5.) I had two Geekdom House articles go up this month one about Ori and the Blind Forest and one about Superman. I also reviewed Pete's Dragon on Geeks Under Grace

The Geeky Department:

1.) I've been catching up on a lot of my shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time. The latest seasons are really good! 

2.) I finished playing Portal and now I'm playing Portal 2 when I get some free time. They're such interesting games! Lots of plot bunnies. I'm also up to 50 Pokemon Go!. XD

GlaDOS is batcrap crazy. XD
3.) I saw Pete's Dragon, though I was a bit disappointed. XD

4.) I also did a little voice acting thing for a friend for a Star Wars short film. I haven't watched it, because I'm nervous. XD But I'm the chick Senni who has the Scottish accent. 

What I Learned:

1.) Quality over Quantity When It Comes to Blog Posts - If you couldn't tell, I changed my posting schedule. I decided to focus on longer more in depth posts instead of shorter posts and now my views have gone up a lot. I've gotten about 8K views this month as to about 3.5K on average. You don't need to post a ton on your blog, just post good material consistently.  

2.) Lake Mud Makes Bubbles - When I went swimming in Lake Tamarak the lake bed was covered with mud and I stepped on it to stay up in the water. Stepping on the mud released the decomposing gasses of the mud and it made the water fizzy like a soft drink. Plot bunnies anyone? Eh? Eh? 

3.) Miscellaneous Things I've Learned Working in a British Shop - Apparently "sherbet" is a dust-like sugary candy like American pixie dust candy. British people date their food with the day first. Example: 04 12 2016. "Squash" or "cordial" is a juice that's diluted with water to make a drink. It comes in flavors like blackcurrant, orange, and pineapple. British people say "pet hate" instead of "pet peeve." This job will give me lots of plot bunnies. I just know it. XD

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm going to finish all of my beta feedback, then tweak my proposal and send the material off to the publishers who requested it. Then I'm going to work on NaNo planning. I know. Super early. But less pressure. XD

2.) Offline life will probably more working. We'll see how juggling two jobs goes. XD If the weather allows, I'm hoping to go walking at this river near my house and Kennesaw Mountain to search for Pokemon. I'm hoping September will boot the 90 F weather.

3.) Next month I'm hoping to read A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes since the last book of the trilogy is releasing in October and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness since the movie comes out in October. XD

4.) I'm hoping to do lots more shoulder-ups drawings. I'm on a kick. XD

5.) I'm soooooo reviewing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children next month for Geeks Under Grace. And I should have another Geekdom House article up.

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Overall August was a good month. Nothing crazy happened. Thank goodness. I feel like half my year has been "something crazy happened that's gotten me upset for weeks." I'm hoping that's over and done with for the year. XD

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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