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Beautiful People 4: Mordraug

It's time for Beautiful People again. ^ ^ Beautiful People is hosted on Paper Fury and they post questions to ask your characters and post on your blog then you link up on their site. ^ ^ This is my fourth time participating. Bryce has been the character for interviews one, two and three, but this month is villains so he has to step aside. I welcome Mordraug the villain of the first book of my fantasy series Starbloods! He is a five hundred year old werewolf in my medieval fantasy world.

Manu Bennett picture that looks just like Mordraug!
1. What is his motive? To transform all humans into werewolves since it is the will of his god Mwog.

2. What does he want, and what is he prepared to do to get it? Secretly, though he's nearly invulnerable and immortal, he's afraid of dying. He'll do anything to keep from doing so and fulfill his goal to eliminate the race of humans.

3. How does he deal with conflict? Conflict as in arguments: he usually ends up being the winner from sheer intimidation. Conflict as in physical fights: usually ends up with the poor sod who tried to beat him in shreds.

4. Describe his current place of residence. Though the location varies, he travels in a caravan of werewolves. They have tents with lots of furs of animals inside to sleep on. His particular tetn is dark red and black with a symbol of the first thirteen werewolves stitched on it. Inside, he has weapons and clothes for when he's in human form.

5. If he was writing this story, how would it end? With all humans to become werewolves since he believes they should all join him in the immortality of being of his kind and he is the leader of them all.

Mordraug drawn on commission by S.J. Aisling
6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to him? He has a New Zealand accent for one and a signature wide, creepy grin. He wears a gold hoop earring in each ear inside and outside of wolf form, he wears a ring in the shape of a scorpion and he has a metal plate fused to his chest and back that keeps his only vulnerable spot (his heart) from being damaged.

7. How does he show love? What does he like to do with/for people he loves? He doesn't show love very well since he doesn't honestly care about many people. He cares about the well being of his pack, but if their sacrifices are necessary for his cause then so be it.

The only two people he does truly care about is a few thousand year old sorceress named Vanmoriel and his older friend a werewolf named Ioto. He shows his love for Vanmoriel by doing his wishes and being in his relationship with her. With Ioto, he usually ends up spending time with him consuming lots of ale.

8. Does he have any pets? If you consider a legion of werewolves pets, then yes. He also has a horse.

9. Where would he go to relax/think? His tent, Vanmoriel's tent, or anywhere with plenty of wine or ale.

10. What is his weapon of choice? (FYI: words, eyes/looks, and fists count as weapons too.) In human form, he uses his sword since he was (and still is) an expert swordsman before he became the first werewolf in existence. In wolf form, he uses his teeth and claws to annihilate or convert anyone in his way.

And that's a little about Mordraug. You can check out his book's Pinterest board and interviews with other characters from his books below. I also wrote about when I met the actor who looks exactly like my character! Thanks for reading!

What do you think of Mordraug? Have you done Beautiful People? Share a link?

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