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Writerly #15: Endemic, Rosalina in the Observatory 2, Ginger Peach Moringa

Welcome to this week's Writerly Bundle! A post where I hope to inspire you with three of the world's greatest things: music, words, and tea.

When I think of the word "peach," I think of three things: my home state of Georgia, the color peach, and Princess Peach from Super Mario! Thus I've decided to Super Mario theme this week's Writerly bundle!

The Word:

adjective, Also, endemical
1.) natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous: endemic folkways; countries where high unemployment is endemic.
2.) belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place:
a fever endemic to the tropics.

3.) an endemic disease.

Example Sentence: Bowser's attacks on Princess Peach's Kingdom are endemic.

The Song:

"Rosalina in the Observatory 2"
from the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack
by Koji Kondo

When most people think of Super Mario, they don't relate this classic video game series with beautiful music. I didn't either until I plated Super Mario Galaxy. The music is fully orchestrated and written by the famous Koji Kondo (who wrote the Legend of Zelda soundtracks). I love the classical yet techy for the sci-fi nature of the game mix. This piece sounds like a waltz. It's full of strings, cellos, and flutes. It's relaxing and calm. I could see it played in a ball let alone at a space station! Believe it or not I could see the piece relating to a historical or fantasy story.

The Tea:

Ginger Peach Moringa

Never heard of moringa? You’re not alone. But trust us. You need this “miracle tree” in your life. Native to Africa and Asia, its leaves are packed with vitamins, minerals – and even protein! And around the world, it’s used for everything from treating joint pain to strengthening the immune system. We combined this wonder plant with fruity peach and a spicy hint of ginger. It’s like an herbal cleanse in a cup. The best part? It actually tastes amazing.

How I found it: On my recent trip to Canada, I discovered this Canadian originating tea company called DAVIDsTEA. After looking at many of their teas in one of their many stores located in Canada and northern USA, I thought they would be great to review, especially for you Canadians! After I got home I ordered a sampler set and as a bonus DAVIDsTEA sent me an additional three samples, so I have nine teas to show you guys. DAVIDsTEA definitely has a unique flavor to their teas. If you want to take an adventure in your tea drinking, this is certainly a good affordable company to try.

The Tea: At this point this is my first ginger peach combination tea. The two others were The Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach and Adagio Teas' Simon Tam fandom blend. All of them taste different. This one definitely stands out.

The scent of his tea is very peachy with a hint of ginger and another flavor I'm not familiar with which I'm assuming is moringa. The actually taste is also very peachy followed by ginger and an after taste of lemongrass and moringa with a hint of blackberry. The tea brews a light yellow and it's one of those teas that make your feel healthy when you drink it. I'm guessing because of the moringa. It's very herbal and yummsy. Perhaps the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom will sip this when she isn't dealing with Bowser.

Maybe this tea is similar to what Yoshi Berries taste like?
Serving Recommendations: I steeped this tea at 204 F for five minutes and added sugar. 

How much is it and where can you get it? You can buy this tea at a DAVIDsTEA store or on their website. You can get just Ginger Peach Moringa for $9.80 to $98.00, depending on how much you get. The smallest amount is 2 oz. and the largest amount is 20 oz. You can also get Fabulous Fennel along with five other teas in the Super Spice set (which is what I did) for only $14.00.

So how good is it? I enjoyed this tea! Though it won't top Republic of Tea, this is still a tasty blend. Four stars!

Have you seen or used this word before? Have you heard this piece before? Have you tried this tea? Have you played Super Mario Galaxy?

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