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MegaCon Orlando 2017 Report

Last year I had the best convention experience of my life at MegaCon 2016, so this year I saved my pennies so I could go back for round two with my two best con buddies Casey and Amy Covel!

Day 1:

I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to hop on a bus to Orlando. It was a good ride. I slept most of the way and didn't encounter any crazy bus people (If you've been following these update posts you'll know I encountered someone who spoke Creole on the phone for seven hours and a crazy one-armed man who ran around with a towel as a superhero cape. I'm wish I was kidding). When I finally reached my destination, Casey and Amy picked me up and we made a beeline to SusHi Eatstation! (It's officially become tradition to go there every time I come down.) When we walked in the door the restaurant was playing "Hikari" from Kingdom Hearts and later on "Mirror Mirror" from RWBY. That's just how epic this place is.

Unagi, Shrimp, Tofu and so many other toppings. Yum!

After stuffing our faces with glorious faces and leaving just enough room for desert, we drove to 5fx to finish off our first day meal with taiyaki and made-in-front-of-you ice cream! Then we drove to their house and finished the day off with some King's Quest.

Almond Ice Cream!


Day 2:

The first day of MegaCon doesn't start until 2 p.m. so I had some time to sleep in before getting ready for the convention. Katara took the longest to put on, so that's one reason why I wanted to do her on the first day. I hadn't done her since 2014, so I was really excited to bring her back to the convention scene. 

After picking up a friend of Casey and Amy's we went to the con. The friend and Casey had a bit of a hiccup with their passes so Amy and I spent most of the day together looking at the vendors and then attending a Q&A with Brina Palencia who voices Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler! She was very funny. XD And I got her autograph afterward!

No-Face and Katara. Funny story with this No-Face. I took one picture with him then he brought out a handful of chocolate gold coins then after we took the picture he started following me around with the gold coins just like the character did in the film!

Brina Palencia

Finally at the end of the day we all gathered for a photoshoot, which turned out to be the best one of the convention with our Deathnote/Avatar: the Last Airbender mashup!

Day 3:

Today Casey and I dressed up as Attack on Titan characters and Amy did Rin from Fate Stay Night

We got to meet Mike McFarland who plays Jean Kirtstein from Attack on Titan and get his autograph! He was super nice. ^ ^ We also did a lot of browsing of the vendors and met up with some fellow cosplaying friends.

Loved this Jean Arc!

So it's a known fact that the Deadpool cosplayers at conventions are crazy and you'll probably get at least one Deadpool photobomb. So this Deadpool photobombed a photo someone took of us, so then I called him over to get a picture with him and this exchanged happened:
Me: Can I have a picture with you?
Deadpool: Only if you hold me. *holds out leg to Casey*
Casey: I don't know if I can.
Deadpool: You can do anything if you believe in it hard enough. Three plus three plus three can equal ten if you believe it will.
Then we take the picture and he leaves us with that crazy motivation speech. XD
Yang, Ruby, and Zwy!

I may or may not have to do a Blue Spirit cosplay in the future and commission this mask seller ...


Female Titan!

Near the end of the day we did our daily photoshoot and got some very fun shots!

For dinner we went out with the cosplaying friends for burgers and got some time to talk with them, which was a really fun experience.

Day 4: 

Today all three of us were debuting new cosplays! I did Fem King Graham from King's Quest and Amy and Casey did Akito and Hatori from Fruits Basket!

We didn't get as much recognition as we'd hoped for so that was a little disappointing, but Chris our photographer did fanboy over my cosplay which did make my day. XD I did find a lot of other cool cosplayers though!

Cutest 11th Doctor cosplayer I've ever found. XD


And we had a super fun photoshoot!

At the end of the day we watched the new ep of Attack on Titan while eating homemade pizzelles. 

Day 5:

Contrary to the norm, Sunday was actually my favorite day of the con. On this day, I did Ino Yamanaka from Naruto, Amy did Kaori from Your Lie in April, and Casey went casual today.

Crappiest weapons check job ever. XD

Weeping Angels!

Life-size piranha plant.

Steampunk R2-D2!

These guys were so cute! ... and they smelled really good ...

Belle! I even got to meet the voice actress Paige O'Hara who played her in the 1991 film!


I had the best cosplay interactions on this day! To give you a bit of context, my character has had a crush on this character named Sasuke for forever, uses a mind control jutsu, and a bad guy kills her dad at one point in the show. Moving on. So I waited a good five minutes for a Madara cosplaying to get off a virtual ride then I asked him for a picture and he accepted, so we took the picture then I said to him, "You killed my dad. It wasn't very nice." He shrugged. "Had to do it." I walked away chuckling.

Next one was with a Naruto cosplaying and he said, "Promise you won't use your mind possession jutsu on me?" And I said, "I promise." XD

The last one and my favorite one that I'm still chuckling about days later was when I walked up to a Deadpool cosplaying as Ezzio from Assassin's Creed II and asked him for a picture. I took it then he took my hand and shook it and said, "Sasuke will never love you." While trying not to laugh, I told him he was so mean then walked away and burst out laughing.

I also got to get my picture taken with Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin from Stranger Things! I only got to see him for a few seconds, but he was so smiley and enthusiastic even after doing a round of shoots before. 

I also got to try VR for the first time. It was really fun! And I got a higher score than all four of the boys before me. ;)

We also found these amazing chocolates by Truffle Cottage. O_O We ended up getting the Avatar: The Last Airbender ones. They're tea infused!

And at the end we did our last photoshoot of the con. It was a little sad but fun. 

But we brought home so many awesome goodies. ^ ^

Day 6:

For Memorial Day this year I went with Casey and Amy and their family to St. Augustine! I'd never been before, so I was really excited to go to the oldest city in the USA: 450 years old. I know my European and Asian readers are going "Ha! We have cities from the B.C.!" *slaps hand over you guys' mouth* Shush! This is big our little baby country! 

The churches at St. Augustine are beautiful and it was great to see the ocean again. I make a point to see it at least once a year. 

For dinner we had seafood at Aunt Catfish's which I'd never been to before but it was so yummy!

Day 7:

On this day, I went home which was a little sad because I had so much fun on this trip, but I'm so happy I went and my kitty missed me.

Conclusion - MegaCon 2017 was a great con and I look forward to going again next year!

Have you been to a convention before? Which one(s)? Have you ever cosplayed? If so who? Have you ever met any celebrities?

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