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Monthly Summary: June 2017

June was mostly just a work month. I've worked hard on saving up for RM, worked hard on editing, and worked hard on doing a lot of things in advance for next month, so it's mostly been a preparatory month!

What I did:

1.) I got halfway through my edits of Starbloods! Woo hoo! I'm on page 142/268. I'm also updating my Twitter with editing updates if you want to see progress. ^ ^

2.) This month was mostly working. I saved up for my flight to Realm Makers and I have about half of my room covered. The only other interesting thing is I went blackberry picking, but that's mostly what I do outside this time of year haha.

Saw this cutie while blackberry picking
3.) I finished Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray. I was hoping to do Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but I've had the book on hold at the library for a month and it still hasn't been ready. -_-

4.) I did do some drawing this month! I mostly did art for Starbloods. These are some drawings of side characters from the story. :)

5.) On Geekdom House, I wrote an article about My Neighbor Totoro and participated in a collaboration post about classic video games. On Geeks Under Grace, I wrote a post about Megacon. On the Fangirl Initiative, I unboxed May's Fandom of the Month Club box!

The Geeky Department:

1.) I finished Attack on Titan Season 2. Oh my gosh my brain. It's so blown. I've been on an anime kick so I've watched a crap ton of new anime this month, granted most of these are either a movie or very short (26 episodes was the longest one), including Trigun, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Summer Wars, Terror on Resonance, and You are Umasou. I liked all of them though my top favorites have to be Blood Blockade Battlefront, Terror on Resonance, and Summer Wars in that order.

Klaus is my bae.

2.) I'm currently watching Young Black Jack which is a sub, so it's going very slow since I only watch it when I'm eating or folding clothes or just relaxing since I have to pay attention to the subtitles. I'm enjoying it so far thought.

3.) The one new movie I watched that wasn't from Japan was Kubo and the Two Strings. I loved it. Please go watch it. Since I'm a sculptor I have a thing for claymation. XD

4.) I've also been playing some games on my Nintendo DS. I played Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (which has super fun gameplay by the way) and I'm playing Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga currently.

5.) I'm also very gradually working on a new cosplay! I've mostly gotten the wig and have been playing around with visual effects make up. Hint: It's one of the characters from the anime I listed. If you want to see current progress keep an eye on my Instagram. ^ ^

What I Learned:

1.) So for my job I've had to take two food safety courses (one statewide and one for a particular chain of stores), and I just have to say that most food safety stuff is common sense. Don't mix raw meat with veggies. Don't put chemicals next to food. Put out your trash.

2.) I enjoy effects make up. As shown above I did some on my face and it's with this stuff called scarring liquid. It basically dries out your skin so it makes grooves and no it doesn't leave a permanent scar. XD

What I'm Going to Do:

1.) I'm going to get as far in my edits as I can before latter half of July because it's just a whirlwind from there, but I'm planning to finish these edits by August then start on beta critique. Though I'm going to look at beta critique for the first few chapters to have them ready for agents. 

2.) Next month is going to be so busy. XD Two thirds of the month is full with something. First of all I'm going on a business trip to Alabama. I've never been to Alabama, room and food are being paid for by the company, and the work pays a good bit, so win win. Then later on the month my lovely Canadian friend Cassia is coming to visit in me in Georgia for the first time! Squee! Then both of us are flying to Reno, Nevada for Realm Makers! Woot! 

This is where the conference is!
3.) I will for sure finish Scarlet Moon by S.D. Grimm and I'm hoping to read Cress by Marissa Meyer if the library gets it available. -_-

4.) Not sure how much time I'm going to have to draw next month, but I hope to keep up with my streak and do at least one drawing.

5.) I have several Geekdom House posts going up and then my last post for the Fangirl Initiative is going to go up as well.

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And that was June! I'm really looking forward to July!

How was your month? What did you do? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts?

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