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My First #WIPJoy Recap!

I've known about this hashtag for a long time and now I finally managed to participate. I saw a friend doing it and so I decided to join in. It was fun! And I definitely want to do it again, though next time I think I'll implement TweetDeck instead of trying to do it daily. XD I've copied and pasted my tweets into the post with some edits to fix typos. Also if you want to follow me on Twitter, check me out here! I mostly tweet writing-related stuff. This time I focused on my steampunk fantasy novel Red Hood! Also follow Bethany Jennings, the creator of this meme, so you can see when the next #WIPJoy comes!

#WIPjoy 2: Pitch your WIP as fast as you can!
In this mix of Once Upon a Time and Throne of Glass a huntress-in-training must transport a unique werewolf that could be the key to ending her country’s war while evading a malicious assassin and confronting her hatred for the beasts who murdered her father.

#WIPjoy 3: Your MC in a line, song, and photo
Line: "Wisdom can’t be gained by being safe." 
Song: "I Believe" by Christina Perri

#WIPjoy 4: A line that hooks your readers:
“Then I will win the war for you. I promise. I will protect you in battle and make certain you live your dream even if I die in the process.”

#WIPjoy 5: 3 side characters you love!
Dina, Claes, and Faol!

#WIPjoy 6: My characters introducing their story:
Mor: This is how we journey across the vast land of Silfurlund to transport a bloody werewolf to the capital of the country.
Dina: (I'm so terrified.) I'm following Mor to help save the country and hopefully not die.
Claes: ...

#WIPjoy Day 7-8: My care packages for my characters:
Mor: Jam tarts, hot apple cider, and new boots.
Dina: Sewing needles, tea, and a warm blanket.
Claes: A nice warm scarf, lemon scones, and a teddy bear.
Faol: Lots of raw meat and a big blanket.

#WIPjoy Day 9: Your MC's Ideal Meal Favorite Food.

This is a fun one!

Mor would want a venison steak with roasted butternut squash, freshly squeezed apple juice to drink, and a big blackcurrant tart for dessert. 

#WIPjoy Day 10: A food your MC cannot eat and why. 

Mor's not a fan of root vegetables. Turnips, rutabagas, beets, radishes, parsnips, and even carrots sometimes. She just thinks they taste like dirt. 

#WIPJoy Day 11: A line about food. 
"Granny stood in front of one table, humming an old tune as she spooned blackcurrant jam into tart shells with her knobby fingers. Flour dusted her hands, apron, and ankle-length burgundy plaid dress. "

#WIPJoy Day 12: How does your cast stay fed?
The cast of Red Hood stays fed for the majority of the book by hunting, trading for food, and buying food from marketplaces. 

#WIPjoy Day 13: Your characters are dropped into a cooking competition--how does it go?

I think it goes okay. XD Claes and Dina are passible at cooking. Faol can't since well he's a giant wolf, and Mor can't cook for the life of her. 

#WIPjoy Day 14-15: What would your MC feed unexpected dinner guests?
Most of Mor’s journey is spent traveling but when she was at home (a school for werewolf huntresses), the kitchens would have treated guests with a hearty meal fresh from the fields and forests.

#WIPJoy Day 16: MC: your childhood summers. 

Mor: We don't have classes in the summer, only training, so I have many fond memories swimming at mountain springs and eating fresh cherries and blackberries with Claes, Dina, and my other classmates.

#WIPJoy Day 17: Antagonist bedtime rituals

Skua (Matter-manipulating assassin): Consistently, I groom my Kisafoon which is a large snow leopard if don't know, I sharpen my knives, I clean my guns, and I wash my face. 

#WIPJoy Day 18: A line from a minor character.

Mor: “You can lop off a werewolf’s head, but you can’t go down into a tunnel with an insect?”
Dina: “A werewolf cannot crawl up your skirt.” 

#WIPJoy Day 19: Something your MC is ashamed of.

Mor: Do I have to talk about this? *sighs* I suppose my relationship with my mother.

#WIPJoy Day 20: You're in a therapy session with your characters and they're analyzing you--how does it go?

Not well at least at first. XD Though I think it would eventually turn into a kumbaya--hopefully.

#WIPjoy Day 21-22: What’s the kindest thing your villain has ever done?
Skua: I believe giving a part of my bounty and assassination profits to my two children is kind enough. 

#WIPjoy Day 23: Which character is the most tech-savvy? Which is the least?

Red Hood is set in a world with steampunk technology, but Claes knows the most about it and Dina probably knows the least. She's not a fan of machines. Don't ever let her drive a car.

#WIPjoy Day 24: Which is the warmest? Coldest?

Dina is definitely the warmest. She's kind to everyone. Mor is actually the coldest of their little group for spoilery backstory reasons. XD

#WIPjoy Day 25: Which are the most/least religious? Share a line or two showing this!

The most religious character only has a mention in the first book, but a big part in the second. His name is Einer and he's very devoted to his country's religion. Nzelt is an atheist.

#WIPjoy Day 26: Which are the most/least confident?
Mor and Faol are the most confident in themselves and Dina and Claes are the least.

#WIPjoy Day 27: would your characters rather defeat their greatest enemy or win the heart of their eternal soulmate? 

Mor: Enemy
Claes: Soulmate
Dina: Soulmate
Faol: Soulmate but he already has her. ;) 

#WIPjoy Day 28-29: Which are the most/least chill? 

Faol is definitely the most and Mor is by far the least.

#WIPjoy Day 30: Your best writing win this month.

Getting Silver Hood completely outlined and critiqued. I really like how this draft is shaping up. 

Last day of #WIPjoy: Encourage your fellow writers!

Your ideas are never too weird. Weirdness sets new trends. ;)

Have you participated in this meme? Do you want to? What are some of your answers to this question?

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