Saturday, August 18, 2018

Some of My Favorite Things: A Blog Hop

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens." ^ ^ That's what I immediately thought of when I saw Sara created this blog hop. I'm excited to talk about my favorite things!

1.) LUSH Cosmetics - This is one of my favorite stores! They use natural ingredients to make a host of high-quality cosmetics. I love their bath bombs (Interstellar being my favorite), bubble bars (my favorite is Rose Jam), deodorant (I love Greeeench because it's natural and doesn't have any harmful chemicals), shower jellies (put them in the freezer so they're cold when you take a shower after a workout) and more! Their bath bombs and bubble bars are my companions for baths and really help me distress and with their color and scents they make baths such a fun experience. I have so many good memories of going to LUSH stores and purchasing some of these awesome products.

LUSH at West Edmonton Mall
2.) Fireflies - You all probably know very well by now that I'm not a fan of summer, but one of the few things I do like about it are fireflies. They're so docile and magical with their bioluminescence. I can scoop them out of the air and they often hang out on my hand of their own will for a while. They're like real life fairies. ^ ^

3.) Earrings - I have multiple piercings (double piercings and a cartilage) and I love wearing earrings. I love to mix and match them and I have a lot of cool earrings like star earrings from Peter Pan, origami cranes, Eiffel tower studs (that I actually got in Paris), and these super neat rose gold leaf earrings.

My leaf earrings look like these.
4.) Mountains - One of my favorite things to visit is mountains. I have a few within driving distance such as Stone Mountain (GA), Kennessaw Mountain (GA), Lookout Mountain (GA), Sugar Mountain (NC), and Grandfather Mountain (NC), but also love seeing the really big mountains such as the Canadian Rockies. That was one of my favorite traveling experiences. The Canadian Rockies are so huge and majestic and just feel so much bigger than life. They really put things into perspective.

5.) Cooking - I love cooking and making good meals. I like trying out new recipes and challenging myself. Some people suggest I should make a career out of it but I really just like it as a hobby. I like to make authentic foods from all over the world such as South Korea, Thailand, Italy, Egypt, and France. I also make a lot of healthy recipes with tofu, veggies, etc. 

A steak and sweet potato spiral bowl I made.
6.) Knee-High Boots - I love boots! The higher the better! They're so fun for me to wear and I just feel epic in them. I love ones with lace-ups. ^ ^

I love these boots.
7.) Fall - This is my favorite season. I love the weather, the vibrant colors of the trees, apple and pumpkin-flavored everything, and fall festivals, decorations, and fairs. It's just a season that makes me happy.

A park near my house in fall.
8.) Taiyaki - This is a Japanese street food. It's a fish-shaped pancake with all kinds of fillings such as red bean (traditional), Bavarian cream, peanut butter, or blueberry cream cheese. I love them! I tried them for the first time in a little place called Five Fx in Florida! I wish I had a taiyaki shop in Georgia but I can only find them frozen. Sadness. They're so good fresh!

9.) Street Art - I love urban artwork. It brings such a neat flair to a city landscape. I love seeing it in downtowns or big cities such as Atlanta or New York City. My favorite has to be this big Koi fish painting I found in Downtown Atlanta. ^ ^

10.) Sushi - I adore sushi! My favorite is anything to do with mangoes, avocado, and eel so a Caterpillar or Dragon Roll is my best friend! I have so many good memories going out to eat sushi with friends. I just love it. ^ ^ My favorite sushi places are Rusan's in Kennesaw, GA and Sumo Sumo in Edmonton, Alberta!

Les Nominees:
I tag specifically the following, but if you want to do this blog hop please jump in!
Tracey @ Adventure Awaits
Christine @ Musings of an Elf
Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer

What are some of your favorite things? Do you share the same love for any of the items listed above?

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