Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tea Tuesday: Emperor's Chai

I'm not really a coffee person. I prefer tea, and I know a lot of fellow writers love tea, too. But have you ever wanted to break out of the Early Grey or English Breakfast norm and try something new? Well, let me help you find some cool new teas! If you need a little hot and flavorful boost to help you reach your writing goal or you're just a lover of tea or you'd like to try some tea but aren't fond of the stereotypical types, these Tea Tuesday posts are for you.

This weeks tea is ... 

*drum roll*

Emperor's Chai

How I found it: During my trip down to Florida in May/June, my best friend and I visited Mount Dora. While there we visited the shop called the Tea and Spice Exchange. It's an entire shop full of spices and tea. For a tea and cooking buff, I was in heaven. After much deliberation, sniffing like twenty teas, and many conflicted feelings, I decided on two teas to purchase from that awesome place: Emperor's Chai and Cinnamon Plum. I will probably be back with more teas from this shop in the future. 

The Tea: Love love love this tea! It definitely tastes very imperial and exotic with all of the spices! It has a black tea base with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger root, black pepper, and cloves. The black-pepper may sound weird, but it is certainly scrumptious and doesn't make the tea hot as in spicy. Oh English language how you're making things confusing right now. You predominately taste the cardamom which if you haven't had it is a very unique spice. It's like a mix of cinnamon and ginger. It's ... unique. I don't know if Kuzco is a tea drinker, but maybe he would like it. ;)

When I think of emperors, I think of Kuzco. Don't judge.
Serving Recommendations: I steeped this tea for five minutes and added milk, sugar and extra cardamom and cinnamon.

How much is it and where can you get it? You can purchase this tea either on the Tea and Spice Exchange website or in its many locations across the USA for $5.89 USD for a 1 oz. bag. This is a bit pricey, but you can get at least ten cups per bag and this is high quality, organic tea.

So how good is it? This tea is so yummy! I highly recommend it to any chai lover! 4.5 stars!

Have you tried this tea? What did you think of it? Have you had an Tea and Spice Exchange teas?

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  1. It is delicious! I highly recommend it. It's unique from other chai teas. Interesting. I haven't tasted it in too many teas yet. I hope you find one. I went into the store and twirled in bliss. XD It was tea heaven. Thanks for commenting!

  2. You're welcome! :)

    Looks like the closest Tea and Spice Exchange to me is in Newport, RI. About an hour's ride away, so it's kind of far for a special trip unless there's something else in the area I want to do...

  3. Well, if you ever "happen" to have something else to do in the area then let me know how you like it. ;)